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Online Casinos: As essential components of modern online business, the intricacies of websites and online design are vast and complex. Even for those familiar with the basics of web design, constant shifting online attitudes and trends can make maintaining online services a road seemingly without end.

Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, a great way to find success in this world can be by learning from other, established online industries. Using the example of online casinos, we want to delve into what popular web design lessons might be translated to your business, both instantly, and going forward into the new decade.

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Intelligent Layout

The most fundamental step in developing a website is to design a mock-up, and in a workable form, if possible. This portion of the process is often overlooked by overzealous beginners making websites, but it can also be a problem when turning to paid web-designers. Exterior website designers, while generally offering a high base level of skill, will never be as knowledgeable about an industry as you are, as noted by Techfunnel. Understanding and working with this limitation should always be in your mind throughout the process.
For a demonstration of a well-considered layout, we could use the online casino website Paddy Power. As a long-time name in the online casino world, Paddy Power knows that displaying a vast amount of choice is key. Because of this, every major component of their service is viewable right from the main page, either on desktop or mobile connections. Slots, blackjack, bonuses, table games, and even links to different betting types on the top bar, everything here is clear and boldly stated.

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Features First

While it will be important to show all of a business’s main features as obviously as possible, you should also remember the differing levels of importance which arise across different industries. On an online casino website, some aspects are well understood, and others require greater illumination.

To elaborate, everybody knows what the basic forms of blackjack and roulette look like, so these don’t necessarily need to be displayed up-front. On the other hand, modern online slots see success through an enormously varied range of themes and striking graphics. The attractive design makes them a perfect fit for the prime advertising position, as they, alongside bonuses, help in putting an online casino’s best foot forward.

Compare online casinos to subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, as another example. If you look at the Amazon’s Prime Video site and compare it to the other video services, you can see that their most fundamental aspects of design display both what they offer, and how joining might be possible. The other services feature different shows and joining methods, but all of these put the most important features of their businesses up-front.


The final idea which needs to be focussed on is interconnectivity between different pages of your website and social media. Engaging on these fronts means building a translatable experience across different parts of your online presence. Properly updated links are an important factor here, but thematic consistency also plays a huge role. Every step of the way, a user should never forget where they are or see a dead page, or interest and faith in your brand could be lost.

Working to create the best possible web design won’t happen overnight. Finding your online voice almost always means trial and error, and while this can be disheartening, it can also provide opportunities to learn. Looking at other established examples like online casinos can give you a strong starting point, but only through maintained effort and putting a personal and professional twist on the formula is it possible to find true and lasting web success.

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