Things To Consider While Buying A Toddler Scooter For Your Children

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As a parent of a toddler, it’s daunting to hear that your child wants a scooter. Because honestly, a little stumble makes your heart stop for a moment. You want to make sure that the scooter you are getting is the best in safety. Along with that, there are some more things you need to consider. Do not let options around the shops or supermarkets dazzle you and buy an inconvenient scooter. Let’s learn what we need to consider before buying a toddler scooter for your children.

What Is The Right Age For Toddler Scooter?

If your baby is between two to three years old then, toddler scooter is right for them. Pick a scooter that has three or four wheels. This will help with balancing. It will be better if you get the three-wheel scooter that has two wheels on the back and one in the front. Four wheels are safer but for a toddler, it will be a little heavy to tackle. To get the best toddler scooter for your kids visit ScooterInside

What Makes A Good Scooter?

The Wheels

Wheels play a major important role in a scooter. Which kind of wheel will be appropriate to buy will depend on the road. Narrow and large wheels are good for unpaved roads, it is not very fast though. Scooters that have wheels made of plastics or rubber are easy to go on smooth surfaces. What you actually should care about is stability. Wider wheels provide good stability but the speed is not impressive in that case. Go for wheels that are 100 mm or above. Large wheels will provide a better ride for your kids on a rough surface. The bigger the size of the wheel the smoother the ride.

The Material

Plastic seems to be a perfect choice as its lightweight. Children will feel more comfortable with it. But plastic is not a durable option at least in the hand of children. If you think your child can be happy with it then go for it. If you want to give them something that will stay for a long time with them then go for metal core. In that case, your child should have experience of riding scooters before and should be more than 3.5 years old. You will not regret as it will improve your child’s physical ability and motor skill.

Scooters are mostly made of aluminum. It’s light and durable at the same time. Aluminum alloy and steel is the best choice for a scooter. Steel is a little heavy and you can get scooter made with it for your elder children.

The Weight

Different brands have scooters of different weights. It depends on the material used in it. Do not get a scooter that makes your little one tired in one go. Then they will be reluctant to ride it or be drained after some time. A heavyweight scooter hinders the speed and makes rider frustrated.

The Handlebars

Kids grow too rapidly in the blink of the eye. It is hard to keep up with their growth. For them a position properly handlebar will be the best or they will outgrow the scooter in no time. Make sure the handle has grips made of foam or rubber to prevent slippage. Go for foam rubbers as it absorbs sweat and gives protection from slippage. If sweat is not a concern then rubber pads are not so bad either.

The Breaks

Falling makes us learn to rise. The same goes for learning to ride the scooter. But you can make the falling numbers less by choosing a good model of scooter that has a good brake. Some models have rear wheels and some have a front wheel. Rear wheels are little better and front ones are not much. It can even be a threat. The high-speed break will lead to fall and cause injury.


You must know you always get what you are paying. For getting a strong and sturdy scooter you have to lose some money. You will get a foldable good quality scooter that will stay for a long time with your child. It will be foldable and therefore will save space. So buy a solidly built scooter and the longevity will not be questioned anymore.


Scooters are noisy sometimes. You do not want to be disturbed when your little pilot is having fun. The noise comes from the scooter because of the way it is put together. Also, a scooter made with the best material does not make annoying noises. So again it comes to the point that you have to believe in good materials and that’s it.


Is Toddler Scooter With Seat Good?

A toddler scooter that has seat will be a mini one. That will allow your tiny human to be familiar with the scooter. These types come with different buttons that will teach them about numbers, alphabet and colors.

Is Foldable Scooter Better?

After getting the scooter your baby will love it and will want to take it everywhere. So a foldable scooter will be more helpful for you than the kids. Foldable scooters are great for taking it anywhere. Some foldable scooter rattles if ridden fast. If mobility is not your concern then just let it go.

What Is The Price Of A Toddler Scooter?

A good toddler scooter is not more than $30. There are toddler scooter bikes at this price if you are interested. If your budget allows then go for something better so that your kids can play with it for longer. Or children outgrow these toys very quickly.

Can My 2 Years Old Ride A Scooter?

Yes, they can ride a scooter. There is a scooter in the market that is designed for babies above 18 months. But make sure those have enough security. Also, supervise them while riding it and help the learn it.

Final Verdict

All these things above are enough to help you select the best toddler scooter. Do not compromise on the safety feature. Your kids will improve their motor skills and learn to balance with fun. so do not hesitate to go for high quality scooters.

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