Can CBD Help Your Reach Your Fitness Goals?

There are many supplements purported to help you reach your fitness goals. With so many options on the market, it’s not always easy to know where to start. A multivitamin is always a good choice, but there are many other things that you can add to your regimen to give your body an additional boost. CBD is one option that can deliver a wealth of benefits both before and after your workout.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a compound found in hemp and marijuana. This is different from THC, which gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. You don’t have to worry about getting high from CBD, but you can enjoy a wealth of benefits from this compound that will help your body deliver peak performance as you’re pursuing your fitness goals.

How CBD Helps You Prepare for a Workout


Simply getting into a workout routine is one of the most challenging parts of pursuing serious fitness goals. If you struggle to get up and get to the gym in the morning, taking CBD before bed may help. CBD has a relaxing effect on the central nervous system that makes it easier to fall asleep at night. CBD can increase the amount of time you spend in restorative NREM stage 3 sleep, which is the phase where your brain and body fortify themselves for the next day.

CBD can also help reduce anxiety and boost your mood. If you fret over how you’ll look in the gym or have a habit of bailing on your morning run because you simply feel too down and depressed, taking CBD when you wake up may help.

How CBD Helps You Recover From a Workout

After a workout, CBD can help improve your recovery. CBD is known to reduce pain and inflammation, both of which occur after a strenuous fitness routine. Taking CBD after a workout can minimize sore muscles and aching joints. This helps you recover faster so you can get on with the next day’s workout with as little pain as possible.

You can use CBD both orally and topically for this purpose. If you’re struggling with a specific muscle or joint that’s causing you pain, try a CBD salve. If you’re combating a general feeling of pain and soreness, it’s better to use CBD internally.

How To Take CBD

It’s usually best to start with about 10 or 20 mg of CBD a day if you’ve never used this type of product before. You can gradually increase the dose if needed. Some research has shown that it’s safe to take up to 600 mg of CBD per day. However, it’s important to note that CBD can interact with other medications, reducing your absorption or changing the way that they work.

For internal use, you can take CBD oil gummies or drops. For external use, look for a lotion or salve.

Regularly taking CBD can give your exercise routine the boost that it needs for you to finally reach your fitness goals. Try different products, doses, and timing to find the sweet spot that will give you the results you need.

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