Can Dogs Eat Oranges and Enjoy Their Meals Everyday

Are you still thinking about the things that you can feed your dogs? Do you want to incorporate some fruits and veggies into their meals? Here are some of the helpful information that will guide you in preparing meals for your dogs every single day.

Veggies and Fruits are great for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. There are already tons of studies and products that contain vegetables and yummy fruits that your pet will surely love. From treats, drinks, and supplements, name it, your dogs can have it.

Yes, dogs can eat oranges, and in general, fruits are regarded as great and healthy treats that should form part of your dog’s diet. Incorporating fruits into your dog’s diet is a great way for them to have adequate vitamin, nutrients, and mineral intake that would help t develop and improve your dog’s immune system.

Fruits are also rich in fiber which will help in their digestion and gut health. Just like humans, eating fruits that contain fiber and vitamin c can make wonders. You can buy these items online or in stores. The accessibility of these products is free-flowing because there are a lot of suppliers that also support such items.

However, some dogs are simply picky eaters that do not want anything to do with a tasty fruit as a snack, or in the reverse once, your dog has tasted fruits would never want to eat anything else. Here some easy ways to prepare fruits such as oranges for your dogs.

How To Prepare Oranges As Dog’s Meal

Start with small pieces and in small amounts of oranges when you are introducing them to your dog. These methods are important because they will greatly affect the perception of your dogs and whether they will ingest it or not.

First, your dog has a very sensitive sense of smell and oranges can give off a very strong smell, giving them large chunks of fruits in one serving might turn your dog away from even tasting.

This is a common trait for some dogs who are not adaptable to change. They cannot easily eat anything that is foreign to them, such as giving them a new meal that contains a strong scent.

Second, it is always recommended that whenever you introduce a new food into your dog’s diet that you start in small and controlled amounts and observe first if your dog would exhibit any adverse reaction to the fruit you have given.

Such a process is considered experimentation because you are still checking if your dog will love the food that you just gave him or her, or it will throw it up due to an unpleasant taste. This is common for some canine friends.

You can start by chopping or grating the fruit to produce small portions and then mix these small portions with your dog’s regular food. Apples are a great fruit to mix with your dog’s regular meal such as meat or dog food. Apple’s contain fiber that can contribute to your dog’s digestion and gastrointestinal health.

However, be careful, do not feed any part of the core to your dog or seeds of the apple, or any fruit for that matter as an apple core contains a compound that is deadly for most animals around the world. It is called cyanide. It contains particles that will destroy your dog’s health and bodily systems.

You can in the alternative, sauté the fruits before serving. Some dogs would find that fruits are very hard to chew and would be discouraged from eating the fruit any further. Sauteing the fruits could help soften their texture. This link: contains more information on Sauteing and even the different methods of Sauteing.

Lastly, you can also try mashing the fruits and then serve the mashed fruits to your dog or mix this to their regular meals. This will further help your dog is eating the fruits as it would already be mixed with the food they already love.

Choose An Organic And Chemical Free Fruits For Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Oranges

Always plan before you introduce a new food into your dog’s diet, or when you plan to change your dog’s diet as these can dramatically change to digestive changes. Some fruits should simply be out of the options on what to give your dogs such as grapes and unripe tomatoes as these very unhealthy for your dogs.

Do not risk their health and safety with respect to the food that they are eating. Some of them are very poisonous to your dogs which can cause sickness, or worse, death. Being a mindful and responsible owner can prevent such shortcomings to happen.

While you must always be careful in choosing what fruits to give your dog, do not worry, there is a wide range of healthy fruits for dogs out there that bring essential vitamins to your dog’s diet such as Vitamins A, C, B, K and minerals such as potassium and iron.

Hence, you must not just stick to dog treats and meats such as chicken, beef, or pork when feeding your dog. Giving them a balanced diet can significantly help them live longer and prevent sicknesses that will harm their health.

Dogs are precious creatures. Providing them good food every day will show our love and support for them. And surely, they will love you unconditionally.

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