Can I Spy on A Cell Phone Without Installing Software on the Target Phone?

It is a fact that people feel insecure in this everyday evolving world when they don’t know whether their dear ones are in a safe zone or not. One way to keep yourself updated about the activities, people your family members are interacting with or the stuff they are surfing on the internet is by tracking their phones.

Mobile phones have become the part and parcel of life and teenagers tend to use mobile phones more than they interact with their real-life friends. Now if you don’t want to make them suspicious of tracking simply use the applications which don’t need installation in the target device.

Spyier: distant tracker for mobile phones

Spyier is the rigorously tested and proven solution to your how to spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone? Query. Spyier has been endorsed by huge organizations because of its trusted technology and fast services.

Few of the international level platforms have been listed there which include PC world, New York Times, iGeeksBlog, Top 10 Reviews, Life Hacker, Forbes, and Android Authority. This makes the Spyier better than many applications out there.

Spyier has been designed on the policy of no rooting and jailbreaking policy so it can never damage the original software of the device. In addition to that this application is safe to use as it will never lend you into legal problems.

Spyier box 2020

Which acme feature Spyier has to offer to its customers?

Spyier is a complete package and you can use this whole package without making yourself poor as it gives you reasonable monthly services. To have an in-depth view of Spyier’s acumen features visit Spyier website and give it a read.

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Geofencing feature:

Spyier gives you the authority to mark the fence around a sensitive area to keep your children from going there and in case they will try to go against you order you will be notified of their infidelity within moments. You will be aware of their trespassing without having to ask from them.

Spyier geo fence alert

Location tracking:

Another marvelous feature is that you can keep track of locations visited with Spyier and can pinpoint the exact location by incorporating the Google map services. Apart from that, you must know about the people your children are hanging out with especially if they are still wet behind their ears.

Social media accounts tracking:

Social media is a necessity if you want to become aware of your children’s activities and values of life. You can sneak into any account like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp. There are even more services available in many countries all around the world.

All the pictures and statues uploaded and the videos shared will be visible to you on your dashboard without even hacking the accounts. You can know about the nature of any person by taking a peek into that person’s social media account, this way you will be able to keep your child away from bad company.

Spyier facebook spy app

Text messages tracking feature:

With text messages tracking you will be able to read all the private conversations and group chats. This will give you authority over the texting domain because you will not miss even the deleted messages.

Call tracking feature:

If your spouse is on a call talking to someone most of the time and is hesitant to tell you about the person on the other side of the line, you don’t have to fret over this matter. This feature of Spyier will not only show you the topmost contacted people by the target device but also the details of those contacts.

You can find out the duration of those calls and timing, in this way nothing will be hidden from you and you can gather all the pieces of evidence without even touching the device because collecting all this data does not require any application installation.

Spy check call list

Do I need technical skills to install and operate a Spyier?

No, there is no demand for a master’s degree in programming to handle the Spyier and to track any device. It works perfectly fine from any web browser and there is no need to install any application in your child’s phone in case of iPhone because it works by retrieving data from the iCloud server.

Anyone can use its services after getting the monthly subscription as long as they have a fast internet connection. On the official site of Spyier, the stepwise guidelines are present to make it a five-finger exercise for the user to work with the Spyier.

One thing you must have in your account on the official web site and after that, the whole process is free of any intricacies. You will be required to enter your email and password to form your account and after fee submission, your account will get registered.

Spyier sign up

You can enter the iCloud credentials and without installing any software in any device the iPhone will be cloned for you on your screen. As you may have an idea about the system of the iPhone.

All the data from the iPhone is stored in the iCloud server and by entering the iCloud credentials you can easily merge the device with your account without the hassle of installing another application.

Spyier verify iCloud

After that a dashboard will open for you on the screen and on the left side of that dashboard you will see the selection panel with numerous options. You can click on any of them to help you spy on the respective device, in this way there is no need to install any application on any device.

Spyier dashboard


At the end of in-depth discussion about the online spying application, it can be stated that there are many applications that do not require installation in the target device and it works without any fault. This article has listed the best of the best services after a detailed survey and practical experimentation.

Spyier is on the top because of its lightning-fast data transfer and wide storage. It can keep you updated about every single detail even if you are far away from the tracked device. Now it’s up to you to try any of the above-mentioned spying applications and practical experience yourself.

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