Can Technology Really Save You Money?

Technology: With technology advancing quickly every day, it often seems like it exists solely to separate our cash from our wallets. However, there are actually many forms of technology that are great ways to help save you money. Read on for a handful of examples of how technology can work to put money into your pocket instead of the other way around.



Smart Light Bulbs

When it comes to old-fashioned light bulbs, they are definitely wasting energy, which adds up pretty quickly. The amount of light they give off versus the energy it takes to light them up is a terrible ratio. Thankfully, there are now smart light bulbs. These types of bulbs are LED and can be programmed to turn on and off at will as well as altering the output depending on the needs of the moment. These bulbs have the potential to save you a surprising amount of money on an annual basis.


Instead of purchasing e-books from your favorite online retailer, why not rent them for free instead. There are at least a dozen services that allow you to rent virtually any e-book you are looking for. If signing up for another new service doesn’t appeal to you, your local library probably already rents e-books for free as well.

Financial Apps

Every bank and financial institution have its own app these days. Why not take the time to check them out and let them find ways to save you money? A few of the apps have the ability to direct you to private lenders that can save you money on your multiple student loans. By refinancing all of your student loans into one private loan and using the refinance calculator to see if you can save, you can set money aside for your savings account or to invest.

Smart Power Strips

All of your electronic devices, even if they are EnergyStar-rated, are sucking up power when they are plugged in, even when they are not in use. While you could go around the house and unplug everything when you are not using it, reality says this is not likely to happen. However, if you have your electronics plugged into a smart power strip in each room, you can program when you want each device to power on and power off. This can add up to significant savings each year.

Dump the Landline

One thing that many people forget they even have anymore is a landline telephone. The main reason for this is that it is usually bundled with your internet or cable bill, and nobody really looks at their bill anymore. Since almost everybody has a cellphone of some sort, simply use this as your phone line instead. There is no reason to pay for something that you honestly never use.

Cut the Cable Cord

Kick that expensive cable package to the curb right now. It’s probably filled with channels that you have never watched. Instead, try signing up for one or more of the plethora of streaming channels that are available. Even if you sign up for a handful of them it is most likely going to be cheaper than your cable or satellite package. If you really want to save money and aren’t particular about what you watch, there are hundreds of free streaming services that are supported by commercials.

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