Can the Wii Fit get you in Shape?


You may have heard about the arrival of home-based exercise video games and
wondered how and if they really work. Designed by Nintendo, the Wii Fit is an
exercise video game for the Wii game console that comes with a Wii balance
board peripheral used for several activities in the game. This peripheral board
is not mobile but tracks the user’s movements by determining their centre of
balance. The games feature activities such as strength training, aerobics,
balance games and yoga. These popular exercises have finally been incorporated
into video games due to the advancements in technology and the huge market base
for video games. With up to 48 activities in this game, Wii Fit has managed to
make exercising easier, more fun and tech-friendly which is quite necessary in
this day and age.

How does the Wii Fit
work to get you in shape?

When setting up for the first time, the game
requires you to create a “Mii” avatar that mimics your facial features and body
type using a “wiimote”. A player then enters their date of birth, height,
gender and steps onto the balance board to get their weight. The player then
receives a notification of their weight, body mass index and a calculated Wii
Fit age. Once done setting up, a player can start their fitness journey with
Wii Fit. The player can now interact with Wii exercise games
in different categories such as aerobic games, balance games, yoga and strength
training. This article will look at each category and how they can get you in

games personal trainer will walk you through demos for each exercise before
leading you through the actual exercise. The hands on trainer will even tell
you to get back on in case you fall off or step off the board mid exercise. The
game also records your consistency of playing and will give the player a report
about it. By giving high scores in each game it enables players keep record of
their progress. Trying to improve these high scores builds consistency. The
game keeps pulling players back and builds a consistency and persistence that
is necessary for exercise getting them in shape the more they play. The trainer
also offers encouragement and motivation by using phrases such as, “Good job”
and “You’re strong”.

Balance games and

this game category balance is key. Some of the included balance games include a
ski jump, tight rope walking, a table tilt, soccer “heading” and a ski slalom
run. This part of the game is a big hit with kids and is popular at social
gatherings. Wii Fit activities are mostly directed to work out the core while
giving an almost realistic experience of the workout from the comfort of your
living room. It is argued that balance does not reflect fitness despite this
game being centred on balance. However, balance is an important skill in any
sport and shouldn’t be overlooked. This being a game with Japanese origin, it
values balance just as most of their sports do.

Can the Aerobic games
category get you in shape

exercises are well known for their efficiency in getting people in shape. This
bit of the game starts with activities that require low level cardio activity
such as a basic step on and off the board, hula hooping or jogging in place
with the “wiimote” in your pocket. This bit of the game starts easy and
encourages players to put more repetitions in. Just like with a personal
trainer or a gym trainer, beginners start off with light exercises and over
time progressively move to higher level activity and more demanding exercises
with higher repetitions. Just like with balance games the game keeps record of
the player’s progress and scores their performance. A player striving to beat
their own high score will inadvertently end up doing more reps and working out
in the process.

Wii Fit Yoga

part of the game gives a player options such as the tree pose, deep breathing,
the warrior pose or a half moon. This part of the game comes with a really
impressive biofeedback mechanism that takes note of your steadiness with each
pose and proper weight distribution. This helps the game ensure the player is
doing the correct thing to ensure maximum gains. People are usually sceptical
about starting yoga but this game makes it simple and easy.

Wii Fit Strength

Strength training category comes with activities such as lunges, jack-knifes,
torso twists, single leg extensions, push ups and side planks. The only
downside to this category is that the board cannot determine or tell you if you
are doing the exercises correctly. It can only tell when you touch it and in
doing so only count your repetitions and offer suggestions. These strength
exercises are however more physical and can get you in shape quicker. They
require more energy and exertion but Wii Fits interactive technology makes it
more fun and exciting to keep the player going.

Will you get in shape?

the Wii Fit can get you in better shape. Wii Fit, just like a real personal
trainer keeps track of your progress and gives a lot of motivation and positive
feedback. Like regular exercising, you can only get in shape if you stick to a
regular exercising routine. This game is enticing and addictive and has been
proven to make people who wouldn’t initially want to work out consistent in
their exercise. Regular play will improve your fitness level while making it
fun and exciting. The games scoring system makes players want to be better and
tis pushes them to keep playing, thus exercising. However, too much play can
also be dangerous. It has been reported that some people have sustained
repetitive strain injuries due to prolonged play. This has even been named Wii-itis. Moderation in play is thus
necessary to avoid injury.


games have often been blamed for poor lifestyles and unfitness as they encourage
long sitting hours and little physical activity. This game is an almost perfect
incorporation of a fun lifestyle of video games with fitness. With the consistency
and a constant quest for improvement it bring out in players, this game could
be your personal home trainer and push you to a better level of fitness. The
Wii Fit if used correctly and regularly could be a lifestyle changer as it people
to get in shape from the comfort of their homes. Why not take advantage of this
technology to get you in shape?

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