Big Question: Can You Come Out on Top in An Online Casino?

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The growth of online casinos over the past few decades has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their advance has been aided by an equally rapid march of technology which has made previously inconceivable games and experiences all too real. Best of all, players can now enjoy all the excitement of online casinos wherever and whenever they want to, if the gambling laws in their country allow them to of course.

With a range of games requiring different levels of skills, knowledge and luck, it’s also possible to pick precisely the right game for any given mood. If they’re just feeling lucky then a flutter on the slots or roulette could be the perfect choice. But if they’re feeling a little more analytical then an intense game of blackjack or poker could fit the bill.

For players who want an even more authentic experience, there’s now even the “live” online casino environments where the action is streamed in real time as dealers run different versions of roulette or blackjack, along with other games of chance like “Spin the Wheel”.

Cheating the system

Gambling cheats

It’s essential that casinos openly display the logos of the authorities responsible for checking that they are safe and fair.

Ever since the first online casinos opened for business, players have wanted to devise ways to come out on top. For many, the thinking was that, as they are effectively playing a computer, there must be ways to tip the odds in their favor. But the sophistication of the programs behind online casino games has always meant that, unlike the hacks there are for many video games, there are no effective ways to cheat the system.

Another key consideration has always been whether the casinos themselves offer players a genuine chance of winning. What’s to say that the same programs that have proved to be hack-proof aren’t also set to give the casinos an unfair advantage? After all, they are trying to replicate the “random” in the real world, whether that’s the spin of a roulette wheel or the turn of a card. While this doesn’t arise in a “live” online casino, it’s something that has to be achieved by artificial means in other online games.

But sceptics needn’t be concerned. Behind all these games there is a clever piece of software called an RNG (random number generator). This is an algorithm that works constantly to produce a series of numbers which represent particular outcomes in games. When a button is pressed to activate whatever game is being played it freezes on the random number that then dictates which card is seen, or number is chosen in the case of roulette.

Players can be confident that, as long as the online casino they’re playing on is legitimate and has the appropriate licenses, the principles of fair play are being observed. That’s because it is always a condition that frequent checks and audits are made by reputable independent bodies.

Turning play to your advantage

Player advantage

There are plenty of ways to improve your chances of winning big without cheating.

While there may be no major opportunities for players to get the better of online casinos, certain games do offer players the opportunity to increase their chances. We’ll take a look at the most common ones below:

  • Slots

These games are some of the most popular in all online casinos and the reasons are fairly obvious. They’re fun, simple to play and can offer the chance of winning truly life-changing sums quickly, all as long as you choose the right machine of course.

One of the most important considerations when playing slots is what its RTP (return to player) value is. This is represented as a percentage which can be as high as 97%. As the title suggests, it indicates the percentage of stake money that is paid back in prizes won over a period of time. It doesn’t mean that each individual player will always win back that percentage of the money they’ve paid to play, but it gives an indication of how likely it is to pay out. So, at the very least, it gives players a solid statistical reason to pick one slot over another.

On top of this, there are also many books and blogs out there offering advice on how to win at slots so you can really up your game if you do your research. One of the best ones to read if you’re really looking to enhance your chances is written by casino expert John Grochowski. It covers absolutely everything from the most common cheating myths, to strengths and flaws when playing and includes many excellent do’s and don’ts slots tips.

  • Roulette

There are countless so-called systems which, it’s claimed, will help you win at roulette. Unfortunately, none are very reliable and most depend on you having unlimited stake money that you can go on using until your luck turns.

It’s therefore far better to use a betting technique that covers as many of the possible outcomes with the minimum of stake. So, choosing red or black, odds or evens or 1-17 or 18-36 will offer far better chances in the long run than any complex system – especially as roulette is a genuinely random game.

  • Blackjack

Many players love to play blackjack as it allows then to go to head with the dealer in a quest to get as near as possible to the magical 21. It also offers a real possibility to use knowledge and experience to make the right decisions as the cards are dealt. This is because there is a system called “the basic strategy” which, once memorized, will automatically let a player know whether it’s best to take another card or stick in any given situation. Obviously, it’s not foolproof as there’s no way that it can predict what the next card to be dealt will be. But it is a proven way to play the percentages in your favor.


Game Slots

While many people believe they can cheat the casino, it’s important to remember that ultimately the casino always wins.

Whatever game you’re playing, there’s another consideration which has to be taken into account and that is keeping control of your bank roll. It’s always a good principle to decide just how much you want to play with and then to keep your original stake money and your winnings separate. That way, you may come out on top and you won’t end up gambling more than you mean to. One of the recent additions to UK law is that credit cards are no longer allowed to be used at online casinos, this to help protect gamblers from spending more than they can afford.

So, hopefully, this has given you a few good ideas about maximizing your online casino experience. Now it’s time to put some of those tips into practice.

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