Clover 2 Offers Unique Insight to Your Car Wash Business


Your point of sale system is a central part of your business. It is how you accept payment from your customers. While you can get credit card processing services without a full POS system, it usually is worth getting the full deal. In addition to taking payments, POS systems also help with tracking and reporting. Clover 2.0 is especially useful for providing in-depth and helpful information.

Sales Reports

The car wash business can be very competitive. Once you are able to wash a car thoroughly, there aren’t many service-based ways to get a leg up on your competition. Sure, you can provide add-on services such as waxing, but so can the other washes. Ultimately, good service, competitive pricing and fast turnaround times are what will keep you ahead of everyone else.

To help you understand how well your business is doing, you need solid sales reporting. The Clover 2 can provide that insight. It will give you reports on every specific service and product you sell. Additionally, you can examine that data over time. Offer a discount promotion for a week? Check out how it affected your sales volume using Clover 2.

Customer Reports

The car wash business is about more than just total sales. Individual customers matter. Clover 2 lets you keep track of individual customers and offer rewards for loyalty. You can see how often specific customers return. If you are getting a lot of repeat business, that is a good sign you are doing something right. If you’re relying on new customers, you may not be satisfying people enough.

Loyalty rewards are also very helpful. Offer points to your customers for getting their vehicles washed at your business, for example. They can then use these to buy additional products and services. Reporting on your loyalty system will help you understand how effective it is. Perhaps your rewards are not sufficiently motivating. The more data you have, the better decisions you can make.

Inventory Reports

Your business uses various supplies to offer your services. Chances are that this is pretty consistent between each vehicle you wash. For example, you may be able to wax ten cars with a single container of automotive wax. Keeping track of your sales using Clover 2 also lets you keep track of how quickly you are using up supplies. That insight will let you restock more efficiently.

Faster Accounting

Your car wash POS system should work with your accounting needs. There is no reason to replicate your records from one system to another. The Clover 2 integrates with account software so you can easily capture that information yourself or send it to your accountant. Integration makes your whole operation smoother.

Get Started

Check out why the Clover 2 is so great for car wash businesses. With powerful reporting, you will be well-sorted for lasting success. Explore the Clover software and POS system for yourself and you will quickly see why it is popular. A little time and effort to upgrade could help you run a more efficient business. Get started today and invest in your future success.

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