10 Career Paths Where the Future is Totally Female

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Feeling down about how hard it is for women to make it in a man’s world? Good news—all that’s finally changing. It’s been a long time coming, but lots of careers that have historically gone to men are finally seeing more feminine power.

Ready to be part of the change? Here are 10 career paths where the future is totally female.

1. Executive Suite

It’s true—the boardroom won’t be a boys’ club for long. Lots of companies are realizing just how powerful women can be in the executive suite, leading their companies to growth and success.

Women have many talents that make them well-suited to leadership roles, even though they are often caught in the “double-bind” paradox that men don’t face. Women have been perceived as “bossy” or unlikable while men displaying the same behavior are seen as great leaders. Fortunately, some trailblazing women have pushed past the criticism and are paving the way for a greater presence in the executive suite.

2. Engineering

Women have been shut out from STEM careers for far too long and the time has come for a new generation of female engineers. Engineers shape our environment in so many different ways, and it’s only natural for women to play a bigger role in that process. It’s time to finally let go of old stereotypes and bring on the intelligent women who will help us build a better world!

2. Cyber Security

We desperately need more skilled workers in fields that involve working with technology. The good news is that these jobs pay well and can be extremely fulfilling!

Cybersecurity is growing quickly, but many jobs are being left unfilled. That’s where motivated women come in! Right now, women make up just 14% of the cybersecurity workforce. But as demand grows, more women will step up and join this key career path.

4. Pharmacy

As the senior population grows in the United States, we’re going to need more pharmacists to control and distribute medication. While not everyone wants to be involved in patient care, many detail-oriented women will find that pharmacy work suits them perfectly (and pays well to boot!). Don’t be surprised to see more women at your local pharmacy counter in the near future!

5. Law

Just a few decades ago, there were hardly any women working as lawyers. A lawyer might have a female paralegal or administrative assistant, but women were not welcomed into the world of high-stakes law professions. Fast forward to now and all of that’s changing. We’re seeing a shift in the demographics of lawyers and more women are joining this fast-paced career path.
Law is perfect for women who are detail-oriented and believe in justice. There are lots of practice areas to choose from and women can easily find a niche they are passionate about. In a few years, we’ll be seeing more women in the courtroom and in law offices nationwide.

6. Government & Public Office

With the state of the world today, many women are feeling a responsibility to help steer the country in a positive direction. Women have been grossly underrepresented in politics in the past, leading to many policies that don’t serve half the population. Fortunately, we’re starting to see more civic-minded women stepping up and participating in local government and running for federal office. It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a more equitable world!

7. Psychology

Many women have an incredible ability to put people at ease and help them work through their mental health concerns. For these women, psychology can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding, with an attractive paycheck. It’s an interesting line of work that also truly makes a difference in people’s lives. It’s no wonder women are flocking to this in-demand career path!

8. Nursing

With the spotlight on COVID-19, we can see just how important nurses are to our society. We need them to care for the sick and provide comfort for those who are scared, in pain, and separated from their loved ones.

A critical care nurse plays a vital role in the overall care and well-being of critically ill patients. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in this rewarding specialty in the medical field, check out this guide on how to become a critical care nurse.

Nursing has skewed female for a long time, and that’s not likely to change in the future as compassionate women continue to seek out this challenging, yet rewarding career. What will change, though, is the role of nurses and the number of women seeking out advanced nursing degrees that offer better salaries and career satisfaction.

9. Entrepreneurship

Many women juggle a huge number of responsibilities, like work, childcare, and daily tasks. A 9-5 doesn’t always fit, and lots of women are taking their schedules and lives into their own hands by starting new businesses and making their own dreams come true.

Entrepreneurship offers a lot to women who are driven and have big dreams. They can stay true to their passions and values while creating income and building a loyal audience. It’s not surprising that there are more women than ever starting their own businesses!

10. Media

Women thrive in media roles, and now more than ever, we need a range of voices across all platforms. Many women enjoy communications and do well in roles that require writing, speaking, and reporting. Their voices are getting stronger and louder in the media as we rely on new methods of communication.

The bottom line? Women are stepping into their power and refusing to take “no” for an answer. In the top careers, the future truly is female.

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