5 Carpet cleaning mistakes you should avoid

Carpet: Do you often struggle while cleaning your home carpets? You have certainly tried every possible method to clean your carpet the best possible way. But are you sure, you are doing it the right way?

You must have noticed that shirts have tags on them explaining the correct way of cleaning them. Similarly, even home carpets have a correct way of cleaning them. Do not forget, home carpets are one of the most eye-appealing home decoration accessories. Well, did you know carpets account for 51% of the total flooring market in the U.S?

To prevent destroying it, here are a few mistakes that you must avoid while cleaning your carpet.

1. Elbow Grease on Carpet

One serious mistake that people do is by using excess elbow grease on a carpet. For instance, what would you do if a food bite falls and stains your carpet? Of course, you will rub the carpet strain strongly to remove it. I bet no one told you, it is actually a very wrong thing to do.

While rubbing strongly on the carpet, you actually push the stain particles further inside the carpet fibers and also to the very carpet base in some cases. Don’t forget that carpets are very similar to fabric fibers. Thus, rubbing strongly results in damaging the actual carpet fibers by twisting them.

So, instead, a clean white cloth must be used to absorb the carpet stains as much as possible.

2. Incorrect Stain Remover

A very common mistake found in every other house is the use of the wrong stain remover. Just because carpets are not a part of your attire, does not allow you to neglect it and use your shirt stain remover as your carpet stain remover.
Carpet fibers are also made from a variety of materials; thus, they also have special stain removers especially developed for them. One common misconception is the use of “natural products” to get rid of carpet stains as misled by internet rumors. Stop getting influenced by them.

Your carpet manufacturer is the only trustworthy source who can advise you with the best product to help remove stains from your carpet.

3. Irregularity in Vacuuming

How often do you vacuum your carpet? I am sure, most of you answered, “whenever you find a dirt or stain mark on the carpet.” Again, a very common mistake. Carpets, like every other area or thing at your home, need regular vacuuming.

Standard recommendations suggest that you must vacuum your carpet at least once a week. But in case you have pets or kids at home, then you might have to vacuum it every alternate day. Your carpet always has dirt and dust which is invisible to our eyes. So, if you do not remove them for a long period then it gives your carpet a dull complexion which is not so eye-pleasing.

Regular vacuuming of your carpet not only removes the dust and dirt but also gives the carpet fibers a full, soft, and attractive appearance.

4. Cheap Carpet Deodorizers

Just like you do not use cheap deodorizers for your everyday clothes, similarly, using cheap powder deodorizers for your carpet is completely wrong. Your vacuum cannot remove the cheap powder stuck to your carpet fibers. This causes dust and dirt buildup in the carpets over time.
Regular use of such cheap deodorizes mislead you to believe that your carpet is clean. We confuse the clean smell with clean carpet and it further deteriorates your carpet quality.

5. Ignoring the need for a Professional Carpet Cleaner

A major mistake that all of us commit in our daily life: We believe that carpets can be easily cleaned single-handedly at home but if you want long durability for your carpets, it is important to hire a professional expert cleaning company. The deep cleansing that your carpet experiences at the hands of professional cleaners cannot be achieved by you.

Professional carpet cleaning helps keep the brand-new look of your carpet intact. It also extends the longevity of the carpets and contributes towards a cleaner environment at your home.

For those residing in Australia, you must check out Kings Rug Wash for achieving the best results in professional carpet cleaning.

Over to you…

Are you also guilty of committing these carpet cleaning mistakes? No worries. Now you know how to take the best care of your carpets!

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