CAT Exam Eligibility Details: The Complete Guide

CAT Eligibility

CAT Exam Eligibility Details

Well, public exams have always been a great career path to enter the government sector, both central and state government though. You might have heard about CAT examinations which is appeared by students before applying for MBA, and you need to know that CAT is actually a computer based common admission test which students need to apply as the entrance exam for pursuing into MBA for sure. However, before you apply for the same, you need to know a few important details about CAT though.

Here we have put together a few details about CAT exam and other important details about the same examination that would help the candidates to get more details about the same for sure.

CAT Exam Eligibility Details: The Complete Guide

CAT, which is also known as Common Admission Test, which is a computer based test as specified already though. This particular test is conducted by the IIMS which can help in entrance for the entry into the MBA programs though. However, the students have to actually clear the CAT examinations to enter into the MBA program for sure. This particular examination is held all the year, or every year conducted by the IIMS which is on a rotational basis and of course in the regular basis for sure.

You will find a loads of top schools inside the country that would accept the scores and would accept the candidates into the MBA program though. IIMS actually offers more than 4000 seats that is exactly the admission for the management programs for sure. However, you need to know that CAT examinations and programs generally begin their admission process and the programs during the time and period of August for sure. This process goes on from August to November for sure.

Graduates from different types of streams and branches that is actually helpful to pursue through the MBA program though. Here we have actually mentioned the eligibility criteria for 2019, and it would be simply helpful for you sure.

CAT Eligibility Criteria

  • A candidate will be actually eligible to appear in the CAT 2019, if the person does hold a Bachelor’s degree with minimum of 50% marks or more than this particular percentage in the degree examination conducted by any recognized university of the country.
  • When counting the degree and the marks, while applying for CAT, even the CGPA is counted that is scored by the candidate in the degree examination or in the diploma degree for sure.
  • However, the candidates who does not belong to the general category or the open category or if they belong to the reserved categories, such as Schedules caste, scheduled tribe, and differently abled and reserved is needed to apply in CAT, and the score should be at least 45% for sure.
  • However, if you are a candidate who have applied for the final year university examinations and if you are waiting for the results then you can also apply for the CAT examinations for sure. Hence, you can also apply for the CAT examinations and eligibility for sure.
  • For applying such examinations you need to know that there would be a plenty of procedures and processes to be fulfilled for sure. Also, you have to fill in the requirements as well, and there you also have to take care of the documents that you need to submit for sure.
  • However, the percentage of this particular marks will be actually calculated on the basis of CGPA that is being provided by the university or the recognized university for sure.

There are more eligibility requirements that needs to be known before the candidate actually applies for the CAT exam for sure. However, before applying for the same examination, the candidate need to know more of the eligibility facts as per the 2019 CAT regulations and formalities for sure.

More eligibility facts for CAT

  • You can simply appear for CAT examinations, if you have either applied for the graduate examination or degree examination or even if you have passed and cleared out the degree examination though.
  • Of course, the degree has to be done from any of the recognized university or an institution for sure. Well, it is also necessary that you need to submit the documents as per the requirements that have been asked for by the IIMS for the CAT examinations.
  • However, there would be minimum eligibility for the CAT examinations for sure, and it would be simply ensured by the IIMS for sure. As IIMS is the institute that shortlists the candidates as per the scores and the grades scored by the candidate though.
  • It is important that the candidate need to have all the significant details which is actually required in the IIMS when you are applying for the CAT examinations for sure.
  • The candidates while filling up the CAT examination forms online, he/she needs to have all the valid information that would be needed in while during the examination for sure. All the information and personal details includes, the email address and phone number, wherein the examination details would be passed on though.
  • However, there is a good news for all the CAT aspiring candidates, which states that, there is no age bar or maximum age limit to apply for CAT and pass out the examination though, and there you can also get more details with the help of age calculator.

Important details:

When it is about applying for the CAT examinations, you actually need to look for all the details and then you also need to know the difference between CAT eligibility and the IIMS eligibility criteria though. It is recommended that you figure out the difference and then apply for the same. Otherwise, you can also go ahead with CAT examinations through the online portal that is conducted during the period of August and November.


Well, you can simply go ahead with these CAT eligibility criteria, and then you can go ahead with the procedure for sure. However, you can simply look for all the details that is required for CAT examinations of 2019 as per recent syllabus and rules though.

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