How to Change Voice in Games on Xiaomi Mobile Phones?

It is quite funny to change your voice during the gameplay and prank your teammates or even your opponents. However, it is a little difficult task to do so until and unless you don’t have any voice changer. So, Xiaomi phones come up with a built-in voice changer.

Android mobile phones are open for third-party mobile apps. You can install the programs from third-party App stores or even from websites. So, Xiaomi phones operate on Android OS thus you can get all these features that I have mentioned in the previous line.How to Change Voice in Games on Xiaomi Mobile

Change Voice in Games on Xiaomi

In this article, I am going to explain how you can change your voice in games right on Xiaomi phones. This article is not only useful for Xiaomi users, but also for others. Because these kinds of tools work on all the phones that have the same Android OS version or edition.

Therefore, I would suggest all of you stay with us and read the article to know more about that. It is a Xiaomi Game Turbo that I am going to discuss here in this article. This cannot be used only as a voice changer, but also there are some other features that are beneficial for the users.

What is Xiaomi Game Turbo?

As I have already given a signal that you can change your voice on Xiaomi phones while plying games. So, there is no need to discuss further on that topic. However, there is a tool or a feature of these phones which is Xiaomi Game Turbo. So, this tool makes you able to do that so.

However, most people cannot easily find this feature as the voice changer is one of the features of Game Turbo. Because there are multiple kinds of options. So, this is an app or a tool that is built-in in Xiaomi Android phones. So, the users do not need to install it separately.

If you are using another brand or device, then you don’t get that feature. You may get that option with a different name. But in most of the other devices, you don’t get that specification. Therefore, you cannot change your voice and prank your teammates.

Image Change Voice in Games on Xiaomi

Nevertheless, there are certain applications that you can use to get the same option that I am talking about. But the problem is that they don’t work or provide quality. So, your teammates can easily identify that someone is using a fake voice.

But the best part of the Game Turbo Voice Changer is that it generates a realistic voice. That can easily make some fool and your teammates will hardly identify. That is the reason why it is quite famous among Android users. But there are some other options that you can have in the tool.

It allows you to decrease the lag issue on your phone and helps you to play the games smoothly. Moreover, you can adjust graphics or resolution. It is not only designed for the games, but you can also monitor the performance of your phone and remove cache files.

Is it Legal to Change Voice in Games?

Well, that is quite difficult to declare whether that is legal or not. Because this is a tool that comes along with the phone. So, you are not supposed to install that from any third-party source. Therefore, the tool itself is legal but it depends on the usage.

So, if you are using it in the games for just entertainment without harming someone, then it is absolutely legal. However, manipulation in the game is also illegal and not allowed by the authorities as well. Therefore, this feature should not be used for manipulation.

If you are doing something through the tool that gives you an upper hand on the opponents, then that comes into manipulation. However, it is quite difficult to use it for any illegal manipulation. Therefore, you can skip that thing.

However, if you are using it to harm your teammates or deceive them, then it is quite illegal and you might get into trouble for that. Therefore, it all depends on the usage of the tool. But over the feature of Xiaomi Game Turbo itself is absolutely legal and designed to improve the phone’s performance.

Furthermore, you can use it as a safe to keep all your favorite games in a single place. Just drag the games to the folder or tap on the add button and select the games that you can want to add. That will automatically boost the game that you will add to the tool.

So, it is not only useful for pranking but also for some other tasks as well. However, it might not work on the other phones. Therefore, you can try some alternatives. If you still want to try it out, then you can grab its package file from any third-party sources and install that on your device.


Xiaomi Game Turbo is an app that is already available in some Xiaomi phones. So, you don’t need to install it separately. But if you are using a different device, then you need to try an alternative in the Play Store. However, the purpose of this article is to entertain and educate you.

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