Home Automation That You Will Be Able to Easily Afford

Home automated devices have never been cheap. However, it would be nice to have some devices in your home automated. The good thing is that now, you have enough places to buy the needed items and automate many things in your house:

  • In your living-room;
  • Home office;
  • Bedroom;
  • Kitchen;
  • And even your yard.

Some of the most common ideas we will check here. And based on the ideas provided here, you can choose any item in your home to automate.

Home automation ideas

Automation Ideas for Your Home Office

Working from home is not something unusual nowadays. Thus, automating your home office or at least your working space is important. You need to have a place where to work to provide your family with sources to live.

First, your desk. It is known that a height-adjustable desk, like those that you can see on progressivedesk.com, is highly beneficial for your health. Therefore, your productivity shall boost, too.

You do not even need to buy a new desk; they are far from cheap. However, you can automate your office desk. To do so, just get a desk lift system and install your desktop on it. 

And yes, you can automate your dining table or any other table like this. If you have small kids, they, and you, of course, will appreciate a table that can be adjusted to their height. 

Automate Your Kitchen

Another place that is usually cluttered by all the possible things is your kitchen. Normally, people want to make it maximally functional to ensure a pleasant cooking process. Thus, there are plenty of devices loaded in different places. 

If you install a lift platform for one or even several devices, your kitchen will look neater, and still, you will not sacrifice any functionality. One push of a button and a platform with, say, a food processor, appears on the cabinet top. One more push of a button, and the platform disappears as if it has never existed.

If you like the idea, let`s move on. Buy a lift system. Measure the size of an opening you need to make in the cabinet top. Your device shall be able to pass there. Cut out the opening. We would advise to do it as close to the wall as it is possible, it would save some additional space in the cabinet. But in the very end, you are the only one who decides.

Now, install the platform on the lift system. We hope you have checked the following parameters before purchasing the lift system:

  • Its stroke length: you don’t want your device to stop somewhere halfway from the cabinet;
  • Its power: the load of the device and the platform shall be easily supported;
  • Its noise level, though if you do not mind, it might be noisy.

Fix your device on the platform and test if all works as expected. Ah, the piece from the cabinet top – you can use it to close the opening when the device is in the cabinet. Fix it on hinges, and it will close when the lift system is in a retracted position.

TV Lift to Keep Your Living-Room Spacious

A new TV is always a nice and wished purchase. However, what can you do if your living-room looks just tiny with a new device?

Well, install a TV lift. There are several options, you can choose any you like:

  • A TV lift installation in a piece of furniture;
  • A ceiling installation.

For a TV installation in a cabinet, the principle is the same as in the case with a kitchen platform. You cut out a slot in the cabinet top. Your TV will be lifted through it. 

On the back wall of the cabinet or on its bottom (depending on your installation type and lift system) install the selected lift system. Usually, a TV lift is supplied with a platform for your TV-set and even all the needed accessories for cables. Thus, no platform is needed, it is available already. 

Fix your TV-set on the stand, arrange the cables, and start using the system.

For ceiling installation, it is recommended to by a TV lift for ceiling mount. And yeah, it is better to check with a specialist how to install it because if it collapses, you will feel sad about both the lift and the TV.

All in all, there are plenty of opportunities to arrange your home in the best and the most functional way. The main thing is to allow your imagination to tell you the most incredible automation ideas. You can automate just anything, even stands for plates and cups. And what about automated shelves? Or what would you like to automate? There is a huge array of options, thus, do not limit yourself. We are sure that soon, your home will turn into a completely automated super convenient hub for you and your family.

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