How To Check Kodi Error Log File for Quick Fixes

A lot of you may wonder why you need to have the Kodi log files. Kodi is a fabulous media platter which is used by a lot of people throughout the world. However, it’s not completely perfect, and there can be times when you will face a few errors which can seem to be persistent. In these situations, you can try getting help from Kodi’s official forums and Kodi experts, but the most common way to solve the problem is by accessing the log files from Kodi.

Certainly, you can view the “Check the log for more information” notification with your errors in Kodi. It is because this log file will have information about the specific error which can help you to find the most accurate solutions also.

This article will help you in learning how you can check your log on Kodi by manually locating the log file which is stored inside your device’s memory.

But before proceeding further, you must remember to use a good VPN service to conceal your identity online when you stream on Kodi. This will help in protecting your privacy.

check your log files on Kodi

How To Check Kodi Log File & Quickly Fix Errors in a manual ways:

You need to understand how you should check log files on Kodi in a manual way. Your log file will be a basic text file, and hence you will be able to easily open it by using any text editor or viewer software like Notepad and Windows. You will have to first manually navigate and locate the folders in your device storage in which your log file is being saved. This route to your folder will be different for different devices. For how to use Add-ons menu item within Kodi, check the below steps.

In the following list, you will learn about the different routes to find the Kodi log file in different devices. If you are still unable to find the log file, then you can download special third party log finder add-ons from the internet to solve this issue also.

1. For Windows Users:

Windows users should follow the route below. First visit your boot drive, which is C drive in general cases, and then go to the App data folder and from there go to the Packages folder open the file which begins with “XBMC…” Then Click the Local Caches and enter the Roaming folder to find the Kodi log.

2. For Android users:

In Android, you must go to your device storage and then go to the Data folder from there click the file with the extension .kodi and then open files and go to the “temp” folder, and you will find the Kodi log.

In a lot of Android devices, your “.kodi” folder would be hidden, and you can unhide this by turning the “show hidden file” option on your file manager application. You can find the option listed in the “Display options” under the “Settings” section of your file manager application.

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