Are You a Cheese Lover? Must Try These Cheese Options in Australia

 A food ingredient that can amp up the taste of almost every dish is Cheese. Whether baked, grated, or just simply spread along – you cannot deny that it indeed enhances the taste of every recipe.

All over the world, cheese is one of the most loved ingredients. Especially in Australia, the many varieties of cheese produced there proves that Australians love their cheese.

According to a recent survey, the Australian Cheese Market is expected to grow by a whopping 1.9% in the coming years. So, if you are a cheese lover who is planning to visit Australia in near future, make sure to try out these locally produced cheese options there:

Cheese Options in Australia

1. Riverine Blue Cheese

Hailing from Fish Creek in Victoria, the Riverine Blue is made from pasteurized buffalo’s milk. It is known for its flaky texture and salty finish. Rich and buttery in taste, this is one of the many Australian cheeses that you just can’t afford to miss. Its deep, complex flavors will surely leave you wanting for more!

2. McLaren

This Australian camembert-style cheese is famous all over the world – thanks to its peculiar flavor. Lauded from Woodside, Australia this cheese is made from pasteurized Friesian cow’s milk. With a rich, creamy, and smooth texture this cheese has a very rare earthy, mushroomy flavor and is simply irresistible.

3. Duet

Again, a cheese from Woodside, this cheese is almost similar to the regular Brie cheese that has been a crowd-pleaser since time immemorial. Made from a combination of pasteurized cow’s and goat’s milk, this cheese has a simple, smooth texture. With a slightly acidic taste, this cheese is suggested to serve with fruits like pears and apples.

4. Fior di Latte

One of the absolute classics, Fior di Latte is similar to the classic Italian mozzarella cheese. Identified with a soft tangy and milky flavor, and a pale-yellow hue, this is certainly one of the best local cheeses of Oceania. Produced mainly in New South Wales, you absolutely need to try this at least once.

5. Mandolin

A semi-hard, but soft cheese – the Mandolin is again a superb quality cheese. Produced mainly in the regions around Woodside, this cheese is made from pasteurized cow’s milk which is vine-wrapped and then washed in B linen to finally let it rest for weeks. Popping red in color, the Mandolin tastes best when served with a classic coleslaw or fruit salads.

6. Gippsland Blue

Similar, or as the Australians would say, better than the Gorgonzola Dolce cheese, the Gippsland Blue cheese is highly manufactured in Victoria in Australia. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk around the region of Gippsland, the cheese is loved because of its highly complex flavors. From sweet to spicy, tangy to acidic – if you are in for a blast of flavors in your mouth, you should definitely try this cheese with your choice of salads.

7. Grabetto

The cheese that is offered in three different ways, the Grabetto is famous in Australia. Whether you get it freshly-made, semi-mature, or fully-mature – the taste and flavor of this cheese are likely to put you under a spell! Hailing from Victoria and made from goat’s milk, the tangy taste, and crumbly texture is pure heaven. Try it out for yourself at Cheese Therapy.

8. Stokes Point Smoked Cheddar

Last but never the least, the Stokes Point Smoked Cheddar is another famous Australian cheese. Produced in King Island in Melbourne, the Stokes Point Smoked Cheddar is made from cow’s milk and loosely smoked with Tasmanian Hardwood – giving it an earthy flavor. Rich and creamy in texture, the cheese is named after the famous Stokes Point of the continent and is highly recommended to serve with fruits, breads, and nuts.

Over to you…

Australia is pretty famous all over the world for the many types of cheese that it produces. From Brie to Blue, Australia knows its cheeses well and loves each of them. If you are an ardent cheese lover who is passionate about trying out various flavors of cheese, you should probably try these Australian cheeses once. And trust me, the flavors will keep you coming for more!

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