Classic Logo Design Courses to Help You Master the Art of Logo Design in 2019

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If you want to become an expert at something, then you need to invest your time and budget in training yourself the right way. However, in order to train oneself, one must know who are the right people to get in touch with in order to become exceptionally good at that specific something.

The world is full of individuals who have previously served in the same exact field as you are currently seeking to excel. All you have to do to become like them is to follow them and learn from them.

You can call them your mentors, your teachers, your sensei, your pundits, or whatever. But it doesn’t change the fact, which these guys are not only exceptionally good but are willing to educate others too.

Similarly, just like every other profession, the logo design field is quite magnanimous. And just like in any other field, proteges need influencers to shine their path so they can achieve greatness in life just like their predecessors. Today, I am going to talk about some of the best logo design courses to help you become a remarkable influencer yourself. It is time to get educated and educate others as well.

So without further Ado, let’s check these free and paid courses!

1) LogoCore Master Class

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a professional, LogoCore is a great place to start your online learning. It helps you to polish up your logo design skills and learn some great new tricks.

The course comprises of 8 different modules which enable you to start logo designing from scratch. If you are already an intermediate level designer or a professional one, you can simply pick a module.

By completing your course for professional logo design at LogoCore Master Class, you will learn all about Master Adobe Illustration, grid structuring, vectorization, style guides, animations and more.

Want to connect with your Gurus? These guys also host a mentorship program to help you connect.

The cost for this course is around $72-$320 and it comes with a 65% OFF on Adobe Cloud.

2) LogoDesign Master Class on Udemy

Seeking a hands-on approach to logo design using the Adobe Illustrator? Look no further than the Logo Design Master Class on Udemy hosted by Just Creative.

This course contains 13 different sections and comprises of a total 85 different lectures. If you are starting out with graphic design or professional logo design business, it is a great place to help you open your mind to graphics. Alongside, effective logo designing you will get the chance to learn about:

  • Work with professional clients & research to provide them with the logo design that matters.
  • Create sketch works for clients as per their brand requirement and formulate the perfect logo.
  • Produce, Edit and Finalize an amazing logo design using none other but the Adobe Illustrator.

The course original cost is around $200 but currently, Udemy is offering it at 95% OFF, which is $10.

3) Free Online Logo Design Classes at CreativeLive

Why settle for one when you can learn the subtle art of logo design by five different industry experts. This course is entirely off the charts and is a completely FREE course that offers logo design lessons.

You can now learn exceptional logo designing from different people like Khara Plicanic, Matthew Jervis, and Michael Stinson. Each individual has their own course with a set of interesting chapters.

With CreativeLive, your learning becomes not just cheaper and easier but also quite interactive. Whether you wish to learn logo designing as a creative designer or start a career in logo designing.

This place is an amazing place to begin your professional logo design journey.

Just sign up for the course at CreativeLive and start learning.

Logo Design Online Course Bundle at SkillShare

The best place to learn all the new tips and tricks in the field of logo design is no other place but Skillshare. For those of you who don’t know about Skillshare, it is one of the largest platforms for online learning.

It has multiple interesting courses for every modern day designer. And keeping their design requirements in mind here is a complete Logo Design Online Course Bundle to help you.

You can choose from a wide range of courses to educate yourself. There are different course categories like Circular Logo Design with Draplin, Design Logo in Modern Style, Mastering Illustrator, Logo Design with Grids, and few others.

Each of these courses is curated by Industry experts namely George Bokha, DKNG Studios, Aaron Draplin, Jason Buff, and many others.

The fee structure may vary depending on the duration and length of the course material.

What are you waiting for? Join up their immensely grown circle of 57k followers increasing every day.

LinkedIn Learning for Logo Design Business

LinkedIn Learning is a vast platform with multiple web designers who can help you learn a lot. But when we talk about the experts, there are two people in general who are par excellent when it comes to the design industry. These are Von Glitschka and Bill Gardner.

Von Glitschka offers a 2.5 hour logo learning design class which contains some remarkable tips on creating the perfect logo design. He offers detailed lessons on how to define the scope, quote for a logo, name the logo, create a brand identity, and manage brand systems. He also talks about how to pitch for logo design business and discuss several style guides. He has a total of 6 online classes.

Bill, on the other hand, has 10+ tutorials. However, it will be great if you begin with his Logo Development series first if you are a newbie. It will help you clear up the fundamentals of logo design. Bill is a guy who offers value for money so you don’t have to worry about anything. He offers not just logo design lessons but also encourage his students and pump up their motivation with his sayings.

You can purchase both their courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform, the first month is FREE.

So that’s all folks! Here are some of the best logo design courses that I believe can help you learn professional logo design like no other. If you enjoyed reading this article, then stay tuned for more.

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