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cloud storage

Cloud storage is storage of data, in Cloud. Basically, Cloud storage is a Cloud computing model. Here, the data is stored on several servers, those are placed in different remote locations. These servers can be accessed with the help of internet. These servers form the Cloud.

The Cloud storage service provider takes care of all the maintenance and of all the management of the Cloud storage. The data is stored on a storage server. This storage server is built on the technology of virtualization.

Cloud storage is also popularly known as Utility storage. This is a term that is based on the differences between actual implementation and delivery of the service.

How Does Cloud Storage Work?

Cloud storage works through the virtualization of the data center. Cloud storage provides an architecture of virtual storage to the applications and to the end users. This virtual storage architecture is highly scalable in nature and can be modified easily as per the requirements of the applications.

In regular use, Cloud storage operates through an Application Programming Interface, which is based on the web. This Application Programming Interface is remotely implemented through its interaction with the Cloud storage infrastructure of the client application. It is for the Input/output or I/O and for Read/Write or R/W operations. This Cloud storage becomes Utility Storage when it is delivered through a public service provider. The Private Cloud Storage also provides the same amount of scalability as with Public Cloud, with similar flexibility and same mechanism for storage. The Private Cloud has restricted or non-public access.

Benefits Of Cloud Storage
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What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Storage?

  • ·Usability- Cloud storage provides top-level usability to all its users. It has to desktop folders for both the Mac and Personal Computers. The users are capable of dragging and dropping files between the Cloud storage and their local storage facility.

  • ·Accessibility- Cloud storage provides superior access to data to users. The stored files in Cloud storage can be accessed by users from any location in the world, with the help of internet connectivity.

  • ·Bandwidth- Cloud storage provides the users the facility to send a web link to the recipients. The users using Cloud storage do not need to send emails to the recipients any longer.

  • ·Disaster Recovery- It is the most important feature of Cloud storage. Cloud storage provides an emergency back up the plan for recovery of stored data in case of an emergency. Business organizations are highly recommended to have such an emergency back up plan. Cloud storage provides a second copy of important files, in case of loss of files in either man made an emergency or in a natural disaster. These data files are stored in remote locations in Cloud storage. These files can be accessed through an internet connection, from any location in the world.

  • ·Cost saving- Cloud storage helps business organizations and other users in greatly reducing their yearly cost of operation. The cost of Cloud storage per gigabyte is practically negligible. This cost is to store data internally. The users are benefitted with additional cost saving because the users need not spend any money on internal power for storing information remotely.

Cloud Storage Providers-

There are a number of Cloud storage service providers, providing their Cloud storage service to their customers in the world. CloudOYE, the global leader in providing Cloud storage service to its users, provides the best unlimited secure Cloud storage service online to its clients, both at home or in offices, at the most affordable price. 

While we are talking Bout flexibility we should also have in Mind that Cloud service providers must have expertise in providing services like hosting application software such as QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud on Hosted Citrix VDI and proficiency in providing 24*7 top-notch office 365 migration support for end-user.

Cloud Backup Services-

Cloud backup is a type of service. It is the service through which resources for Cloud computing and infrastructures are used. These are used to create, or to edit, or to manage and to restore data, or other services or back up for applications. This entire service is done remotely, with the help of internet connectivity. Cloud backup services is also popularly known as Remote back up or Online back up services.

Cloud back up is basically used on the data of an individual or of an organization, through an offsite and remote platform for Cloud storage. A Cloud back up provider needs to provide or allocate Cloud storage, to make Cloud back up work. This allocated Cloud storage by the Cloud back up provider is accessible globally, through the internet. It can be accessed through some backup software also, through a purpose-built user interface or through the Application Programming Interface of the vendor. 

Cloud back up service can be used to store and back up all types of data or applications. The data and application are stored virtually. Cloud back up service is a highly flexible service when it is compared with techniques of traditional backup. This service is also highly scalable and it can be scaled both up and down on the time of running.

Cloud back up service is a managed service. The vendor or the Cloud back up service provider completely manages the entire infrastructure and all other supporting services.

Cloud back up service plays a crucial role in Disaster Recovery solutions, along with its role in providing data back up, to its users. It may also provide an exact instance of a server, a desktop or an entire system.

Cloud back up services is to ensure the safety of data. Businesses have turned to Cloud back up service providers for the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the technology.  There are many Cloud back up service providers, providing Cloud back up service to their clients. CloudOYE, the leading Cloud hosting service provider and the global leader in Cloud back up service providers, provide the best Cloud back up service to its customers. It is the service that ensures the safety of the business-critical data of its customers, through its seamless Cloud back up service.  It is an efficient, scalable, versatile, customizable, and secured service. 

CloudOYE provides its premium Cloud back up service to its customers, at a very affordable price. 

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