Some Common Misconceptions about Instagram as a Social Media Platform

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People are still not clear about the way Instagram’s algorithms actually work. However, Instagram has provided you with some answers recently for making certain things crystal clear. Many of you are not giving the right amount of importance to understanding the real significance of Instagram algorithms and knowing the way it works. It is definitely, a good idea to be fully aware of the way Instagram algorithms work if you are looking to achieve success from all your marketing endeavors on Instagram. Here are some of the myths and misconceptions associated with the Instagram algorithm.

Misconception: Opting for Instagram Business Account Would Diminish Your Reach

You could safely switch to Instagram for a business account from your personal account as that would in no way impact your overall reach on Instagram or interfere with gaining more engagement and boosting your reach in the future. There is no risk of losing audience engagement even if you are switching between business and personal accounts a number of times. That is chiefly because Instagram is constantly watching all your activities and is fully aware of what exactly you are doing.

Moreover, your greatest incentive to switch over to the Instagram business account is getting easy access to Insights that provides you with important data regarding your performance and key metrics.

Remember personal and business Instagram accounts are having the same value and are treated equally. You would not lose your reach precisely because you have switched accounts.

Misconception: Instagram Had Initially Ignored Competition

As per, it is clearly evident from interviews that Instagram never ignored competition particularly, in the earlier days. In fact, during the initial stages, they were cautious about the photo space simply because it was really crowded.

However, Instagram was launched as chiefly a photo-sharing app since they had realized that they were bringing superior technical excellence and capability to that category as compared to the others. Experts believe that when you are in a new segment or category, awareness seems to be a much bigger issue as compared to direct or active competition.

Misconception: Chronological Order Would Be Back to Your Instagram Feed

It is certainly not going to happen. According to what was stated recently by the authorities at Instagram, chronological order certainly won’t be coming back in the future. Even though there were some rumors that Instagrammers would enjoy the freedom of switching between the algorithm and the chronological order, it was vehemently denied by Instagram. They reiterated that no work for reintroducing chronological order has been done so far. You could seek the services of Like4Like for boosting your online presence and overall brand image.

Misconception: Every User Gets to See the Same Top Posts

This is surely a myth. Everything including the best posts that appear on Explore Feed are primarily based on and tuned to your interests and preferences. The top posts are related precisely to every user’s interaction and behavior on Instagram. The functioning of the Instagram algorithm seems to be chiefly based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning and definitely not just on constant indicators. Instagram’s best posts are certainly based on individual user’s interests and preferences.


We have discussed just a few misconceptions associated with Instagram as a social media platform. However, you need to be aware of another misconception relating to Instagram. Some people mistakenly believe that Instagram cannot understand what posts are interesting. Instagram certainly knows and understands what is interesting and what is not at all fascinating. It is important to engage actively with your users for boosting your overall Instagram performance.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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