Complete Guide To Linkedin Ad Types And Ways To Use Them

LinkedIn, a popular professional networking platform, is being used by about 500 million professionals. Advertising on LinkedIn would reach many potential professionals. For an online business, you can get connected with your audience through various advertisements.

This would enable you to reach people and various other companies. Advertisement on LinkedIn has a big impact on your business. You can even get tied up with a digital marketing company in Delhi to get more traffic, generate leads, and build brand awareness using LinkedIn ads.

For placing advertisements on LinkedIn, you need to be clear on the LinkedIn ad types and formats. So, let us discuss a few popular ones here.

1. Sponsored Content Or Direct Sponsored Content

This LinkedIn ad allows you to promote the updates of your company, share content pieces, ensure users to reach the landing page, and to reach targeted audiences on any device. For all these sponsored contents are ideal. You can either make use of the following two models:

  1. Cost per click model
  2. Cost per thousand impressions model

Sponsored content promotes a content piece that you have placed on the company page of your LinkedIn account. When you do not want to create LinkedIn posts on your business page but to personalise and test your newsfeed content, you can make use of direct sponsored content.

When To Use This Linkedin Ad:

  1. These ads can be used when you require more leads to get more engagement as they go into the direct news feed of the users.
  2. As these ads have more images and large text, it would trigger users to click on it so that it would go to the landing page and to bring more brand awareness.
  3. When you wish to get additional people to visit your content, this ad would be effective.
  4. Using this LinkedIn ad type, you can advertise with an image or video.
  5. When you want to raise awareness for any of your company events or initiatives
  6. Increase quality traffic to posts


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2. Sponsored InMail

This LinkedIn ad is visible to all LinkedIn users on any device. This would drive more leads and permit you to engage well with your target audience. This is possible by delivering private messages to the LinkedIn users inboxes.

Content can be modified to the users and including a responsive design makes sure that your call-to-action button is visible. A/B Testing is used to execute many variations to the ad. Sponsored InMail contains the following parts:

  1. Customer greeting
  2. Body text
  3. Call-to-action button
  4. Links to the message body

The messages of Sponsored InMail are purchased based on cost per send, which indicates that you need to pay per unit charge for each message that is delivered to the users.

When To Use This Linkedin Ad:

  1. This is a personalised LinkedIn ad type as you send a direct message to your target audience who is also a LinkedIn user. This would eventually lead to conversion and is for sure delivered.
  2. Sponsored InMail goes to LinkedIn users only when they are online, hence it gets a place on the top of the inbox.
  3. When you want to follow the download of assets
  4. To generate B2B leads
  5. To direct engagement with valuable connections


Image Source: Marketing Land

3. Text Ads

This LinkedIn ad is like the Google or Bing search ads. It is paid per click platform for LinkedIn. You can create multiple variations to the ad per campaign. This will make sure to verify for the good images that go well. These ads would be executed only on a desktop and are displayed on the news feed that appears on the right rail. This can be executed for any two models:

  1. Cost per click model
  2. Costs per thousand impressions model

These ads are easy to create, and you pay basis of the clicks or impressions and hence feel the value.

When To Use This Linkedin Ad:

  1. These are quick run ads and easy to set up and manage
  2. These increase brand awareness
  3. To drive more website traffic or exact landing page
  4. To attract job aspirants
  5. To set up computable campaigns with a conversion tracking


Image Source: Quora

4. Dynamic Ads

This LinkedIn ad engages users with ads generated dynamically and tailored. These ad types also initiate users to like your company page. This ad will promptly generate leads and be able to download content like an e-book or directly from the ad.

Dynamic ads get displayed on the desktop only on the right rail. LinkedIn users can send their details like name and email ids straight in the dynamic ads without typing it. When the users submit their respective information in the dynamic ads, the content downloads automatically.

Dynamic ads exist in the following formats:

  1. Follower ads
  2. Spotlight ads
  3. Job ads
  4. Content ads

When To Use This Linkedin Ad:

  1. Highly engaging ads and effective to get more traffic to a landing page
  2. Mainly effective to advertise job openings
  3. To get users to follow your LinkedIn account of your company page
  4. Increase leads


Image Source: Business Linkedin

5. Leads Gen Forms

The main goal of any marketing strategy is to generate leads. From your LinkedIn ads, you need to collect quality leads with the help of information filled in a pre-filled form coming from their LinkedIn profile. The Lead Gen Forms and types are like the sponsored content when they view the news feed.

Reasons to use this LinkedIn Ad:

  1. The LinkedIn users need not leave LinkedIn to fill the form
  2. Select the fields of the form to create custom fields


Image Source: WordStream

6. Elevate

This ad for LinkedIn works well for advertising solutions on LinkedIn platform. This is a platform where a company pays for its employees to convert into brand advocates. Marketing or sales teams would find it easy to control the content or suggest what they need to share on the company’s LinkedIn account.


Image Source: Social Media Examiner

To Find Whether To Execute The Linkedin Ads

Find Out The Budget For Linkedin Ads

There is no specific cost involved for a LinkedIn post as seen in other platforms. Most of the time, LinkedIn has more cost per click in comparison with other advertising platforms and the conversion rates are high on this platform.

Find out the goal for LinkedIn Ads usage

Before you create and set up an ad post, it is important to set goals. Is the main goal for the ad is to increase your leadership, get more leads or build brand awareness? For any goal, you need to measure the outcomes that give a big influence on your client or business.

So, check with the main metrics that create a big impact. Also, you need to check that your audiences are available on the LinkedIn platform. As digital marketers, you need to continuously focus on the ways that you could provide your best to your audiences. Before you set your ad, consider your target audience. Target them basis company, location, skill, industry, title, and so on.


Having discussed the various LinkedIn ad types, you are aware of the main LinkedIn ad formats. So, based on your requirements, you are ready to choose one type that best suits your business for promotion. As there are many LinkedIn ads available for marketers, it provides a clear way to mention the objectives of the ad. You need to find out what best works for you to find out which ad type works out for you.

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