Compression Wraps: The Myths and The Reality

compressions wraps

Any significant event in our life over time acquires myths. People tend to be mistaken about what is happening. So the appearance of compression knitwear, as well as the treatment with it of varicose veins, was no exception. The spread of myths and misconceptions disorients customers, so we decided to inform you and share the reality of compression knitwear.

What is the essence of compression wraps?

The essence of knitwear is to prevent the stagnation of blood in the veins. Compression knitwear creates a certain pressure on different parts of the leg: 100% at the level of the ankle, 70% at the level of the upper third of the leg, 40% at the level of the upper third of the thigh.

Thus, the work of muscles is imitated, the propulsive ability of the muscular – venous pump of the lower leg increases, venous blood returns to the heart. The operation of the venous valves improves, which increases the speed of venous blood flow. Thus, knitwear prevents blood stasis in the veins, prevents the formation of edema and blood clots, relieves heaviness and fatigue in the legs.

When to start wearing it?

Wearing knitwear is an effective method of treating and preventing varicose veins. It is necessary to start wearing special compression products at the first sign of varicose veins. These include slight swelling of the legs in the evening, cramps in the calf muscles, heaviness and pain in the legs, tingling or burning in the foot and ankle.

Myth 1. Do not buy expensive knitwear, you can do with elastic bandages

The advantages of compression products over bandages are obvious. The knitwear contains a verified, physiologically distributed medical compression. No special overlay skills required. You just need to put on a compression product and the healing effect is guaranteed for the whole day.

In bandages, the pressure distribution depends on the correctness of their application. The compression ratio is manually adjustable and depends on the strength of the bandage. Bandages cause inconvenience: they roll down, slide down the leg, it’s hot in summer, they look not aesthetically pleasing. Of the advantages in bandages, only their value. And if you consider how many bandages you have to buy and update in six months (this is how much the compression properties of the jersey are preserved), then, in the end, the price will not differ.

Myth 2. Instead of compression knitwear, you can use tights with a dragging effect

Compression knitwear is not just a stretch fabric, as many people think. In the manufacture of products with a dragging or modeling effect, special medical compression is not laid, the pressure gradient is not observed, as in medical knitwear. Such products improve the silhouette, but do not have a positive effect on the veins and are not related to medical products. The therapeutic effect of compression knitwear is based on precisely calculated and metered pressure on the veins.

Shrink-wrap products have a denomination, while compression hosiery is marked by compression class. The pressure exerted by him is measured in millimeters of mercury.

Myth 3. The higher the degree of compression, the better the treatment result

Compression wraps, depending on the pressure exerted, is divided into classes. Knitwear for prophylactic and 1st class compression can be used by healthy people who feel heavy legs or some discomfort at the end of the day. It is indicated for people at risk due to a hereditary factor, pregnancy, performed activities, overweight, etc.

Knitwear from the 2nd to 4th compression class is assigned ONLY by a phlebologist or vascular surgeon in accordance with the manifestations of varicose veins! These products cannot be selected independently and purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

Myth 4. Using compression hosiery, varicose veins can be completely cured

With the help of special compression hosiery, varicose veins can be treated and prevented. Wearing compression hosiery is one of the main medical recommendations for people suffering from venous insufficiency and belonging to risk groups.

Daily wearing is recommended as a prophylaxis of the expansion of the veins, to slow down the development of existing inflammation/diseases of the veins and the appearance of new varicose nodes.

Positive Impact of this Compression Wraps

There are lot of benefits of compression wraps but wearing quality products with indications and doctor’s recommendations provide a positive effect.

  • Support for weakened vascular walls and venous valves
  • Prevention of stretching of the veins and the formation of pronounced signs of varicose veins
  • Strengthening the outflow of blood and lymph, preventing stagnation
  • Removal of swelling of the lower extremities
  • The decrease in post-traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation
  • Reduced risk of air embolism during surgery
  • Prevention of blood stasis after surgery

Compression products relieve fatigue in the legs, reduce severity and pain, relieve cramps and swelling, and prevent blood clots. But, cure varicose veins once and for all, unfortunately, will not work. If varicose disease already had a place to be, then you can only suspend its further development and try to avoid possible complications.

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