How Consumers Benefit From The Bloom of Shopping Platform

Consumers Benefit

In today’s world, consumers are spoilt with options. With the readily available platform, a simple purchase could be made with a few swipes. To compete with the markets, this shopping platform would often throw out attractive offers from rebates to free delivery. This resulted in their purchasing behavior changing.

Why is consumer’s expectation important to business?

Consumers behave differently online and offline. This creates different expectations and desires. You cannot achieve success without studying and understanding their purchasing patterns. It is crucial for businesses to under the expectation of their customers to craft loyalty programs. Customer expectation refers to the service quality of the overall purchasing experience along with the delivery expectation of the products or services. Understanding their expectation helps businesses to create loyalty programs.

Consumer behavior is easily swayed by 3Cs

According to our research, online shopping creates a new frontier for marketers. In their new behavior modeling, we could them attracted by 3Cs. This includes Convenience, Cost-Saving, and Credibility. In our opinion, these are the 3 Cs Shoppers would pledge their wallets for when source for an online shopping site to shop.

1. Convenience

Shoppers love the idea of them shopping care-freely, without needing to carry bags of their shopping loot or travel from one end to another as compared to offline shopping. This convenience attracts shoppers to shop online. Imagine the ability to shop without having to carry the bulk of shopping bags in your tired arms. This is not a superpower but a new phenomenon caused by online shopping behavior.

2. Cost-saving

In addition to this, shoppers love to find the best bargain and discount for their shopping loots. In the online scene, “11.11”, Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday”, etc are days when online shoppers go crazy with their wallets! Why crazy? Because they can enjoy huge discounts on their shopping loots. Instead of pushing your way into a crowd of people, you could avoid the stampede and complete for purchase online at the race of your fingers tips.

3. Credibility

Online shopping platform that is serious tends to outstay that ‘ hit and run. This is why credibility is very important. Let’s faced it, we are tired of dealing with notorious marketers who bring promises without proper delivery. They tend to lure purchase with promises of promotion or free delivery but only to include heavy surcharged, tax, or hidden costs. Credibility is what drives shoppers to “pry” open their wallets without second thoughts. And the credibility of online shopping sites grew with time and awareness from social media and hearsay from their friends.

Online Shopping Trend for 2019

According to Shoppers Love Rebates, the internet bloomed a new breed of shoppers called ‘finger shopping’. At ease of comfort in the home on a sofa, consumers get the latest information on the latest rebates and discounts from their favorite online shopping sites. Such consolidated bargain sites would create a new trend for 2019.

Authored by Leon Lim, is the article contributor for Leoacle Consulting. He is specialized in business consultancy, digital marketing and technology. He spent his time helping small businesses to grow in competitive Singapore marketing.

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