Next Level content Marketing: Tactics to Promote Your Blog

Content Marketing

If you are running a blog, chances are that you did not create it for promoting your self. Whatever business or product you are trying to promote, the ultimate goal is to get maximum access to potential buyers through the content you produce.

As I was browsing online for helpful blogs regarding the activation of my Cox internet Packages, I noticed that most of the bloggers prefer using simple language. You must have noticed that blogging is not a difficult job. But tricky, nonetheless. The hardest part is to provide consistency. And not just consistency in posting, but also in providing your views with quality material to view and read.

Content marketing is an efficient tool to work with. It should be an essential part of your overall marketing strategy. Blogging will increase your traffic, hence, resulting in increased sales.  Here are some amazing tactics to promote your blog by using content marketing as a tool…

Keep an Eye on your Content

Remember one thing: Quality content is the soul of a blog. Most bloggers ignore that fact and give an early death to their blogs by this negligence. If the topic is unclear to even the blogger, it is further going to confuse the audience. It is obvious that you should write about something that you already know, or have a passion for, but is this not enough!

For writing good content, you have to know your audience first. A good blogger never compromises on quality but tries to find a middle ground. A middle ground is the place where he doesn’t let go of his passion, keeps up with the quality of the content, and also, keeps the interest of his readers in mind too. At this point, you don’t have to keep marketing in your mind, or the search engines. Just focus on the quality of the content.

Dare to be Different

Write a blog that has the strength to stand out.

Ideas are numerous. Good content should never run of ideas. Instead of following trends, make sure to come up with your trends to put out in the content marketing idea market. If you and your competitors’ content is almost the same, it is going to create a very negative impact on your blog. So, instead of copying content that has already been written, go for original ideas.

A potential viewer has an eye for original stuff. Even when you are writing on the same topics, your content should be different enough to inspire the readers to read more. Set your standard bars, and set them high!

Go for headlines that make their jaws drop, shock them, intrigue them, and compel them to read more. Using different content formats is another way to keep it interesting. Videos, podcasts, interviews, e-books, case studies, there are so many formats to choose from.

Be Content-Consistent

Keep one thing in mind: nobody is coming to your rescue if you are not doing anything to help yourself. Making your blog a success story is your job, and it takes consistency to achieve it. No successful blog is a one-day story. Bloggers have achieved it with consistent hard work. And if they can, so can you. Just discipline yourself a bit. Make a schedule and stick to it. You shouldn’t be posting twice in a day, and then vanish for weeks. This is going to put off so much of your traffic.

Content marketing is not a single day’s work. It is a long-term strategy.

The AIDA Model

AIDA is the most commonly used method in the US and Canada. The goal is to get the highest conversion rate. (And it is your ultimate goal too, isn’t it?). Let’s explain it to you.

  • A is for Awareness
  • I is for Interest
  • D is for Desire
  • A is for Action 

AIDA Explained

Make sure to keep your title as catchy as possible. (There comes the A for Awareness). Your title is the first thing that people read, and it should be interesting enough to make people want to continue reading. If your title is not getting them, chances are that they will never read your content, either.

4 Tactics for Creating Catchy Titles

  • Keep the number of characters to the minimum in your title. Experts recommend it to be under 60 characters.
  • Your title should be clear. It makes it interesting. (there comes the I for Interest)
  • Make your readers desire what you are offering. Awaken in them the feeling of learning or discovering something new. (There comes the D for Desire)

Your keywords should be relevant. If I want to search for new deals on Cox bundles, I’ll automatically put the words ‘cox’ and ‘bundles’ in the search bar to make my search quick and efficient.

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