6 Cost-Efficient Marketing Strategies for Startups to Consider in 2022

Apparently, things haven’t been easy for small and medium-sized businesses in 2021. While the pandemic did strip certain startups of their limited cash reserves, the apathy for their products and services increased as even the existing clients were not inclined towards making quantitative purchases. However, things are looking brighter in 2022 with startups planning to get their acts together, in an effort to grow and not just recover.

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Cost Effective Marketing

Considering the existing scenario and the optimism of the global startups, it is evident that 2021 will be a game-changer for the existing entrepreneurial landscape. However, smaller businesses will still require potent market strategies to be considered by the existing and even prospective customers. Therefore, in the subsequent sections, we shall talk about some of the most promising and effective marketing strategies that startups can follow, without having to worry about the accruing costs.

Moreover, 2022 will also see startups cutting corners especially by eliminating superfluous marketing techniques. Therefore, it is more than appropriate to concentrate on effective and budget-centric marketing strategies that offer more than what they actually cost, whilst focusing on improved visibility, consistency, and aptness.

1. Press Releases

Businesses having a dedicated copywriting team can easily leverage the myriad benefits of press releases. With the global clientele dependent on news bits and insightful pieces in the post-pandemic era, there aren’t many cost-effective marketing plans that work better than PRs. Moreover, businesses can also get press releases done for free if they share a good rapport with the journalists.

2. Live Streaming

Startups can follow the footsteps of bigger brands like Gucci and promote their products and services via live streams and videos. This approach can be adopted virtually free of cost as almost every social media platform has provisions set for live streaming. However, for some of the more adventurous businesses, projecting live content via free as well as paid IPTV services is also an option. Needless to say, live streaming is expected to grow into a market-moving business resource in 2021, courtesy of the advent of IPTV clients, better streaming devices, and even the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence.

3. Email Marketing

Using emailers as the go-to marketing resource is all about subjective brilliance. This means businesses can either make or break a typical email marketing strategy via their approach towards the existing audience base. A perfectly curated email marketing campaign is exceedingly cost-effective and only requires firms to invest in class-leading copywriting services. Besides, email marketing is also the most productive approach for getting hold of organic leads.

4. Personal Branding

Probably the most underrated marketing resource, creating a personal brand identity is something that every startup must consider, going deep into 2022. Moreover, personal branding isn’t actually a standalone marketing plan but a combination of different brand projections over social platforms or streaming hubs. A better way to understand this is to get a brand face to represent products and services on live feeds or to ensure that only one person connects with the customer when social media queries are concerned.

Besides, with customers most concerned about the trust factor in 2022, it is personal branding that would help businesses cater to this specific requirement.

5. Reliance on Search Engine Optimization

Investing in some good SEO practices should be the most pronounced business pathway in 2021. For instance, local businesses and startups must consider local SEO as their go-to marketing approach, precisely for getting more in-store visits or telephonic inquiries. Besides, SEO clubbed with a dedicated content marketing initiative can readily improve the entrepreneurial posture of a particular business whilst helping it attract higher traffic from organic channels.

Moreover, almost every business in the post-pandemic era is planning to go online, which further validates search engine optimization as the go-to marketing strategy. Not just that, SEO implementations are as costly as they used to be and you can easily get access to some cost-effective service providers if you wish to get services in bulk.

6. Social Media Branding

Startups, in the post-pandemic era, should concentrate on promoting their businesses, products, and almost every offering over social media platforms. Most importantly, marketing over social platforms is one of the more tried and tested approaches for most businesses, especially if cost-effective planning is one of your priorities. However, the only investment that you might have to make is to hire a credible designer, who can then give structure and tonality to your marketing ideas.

Besides, if you are an indulgent marketer, the social media platforms can also be used to syndicate content, as per the audience preferences. Lastly, marketing over social media allows businesses to target a specific clientele, based on the existing segregations.

While each of the mentioned strategies was already in the works before 2021, the pandemic amplified the importance and made them even more productive. Besides, with social distancing still being an important aspect for the businesses to account for, a majority of their approaches should target online resources like the ones mentioned in the discussion.

In addition to these, you can also accommodate Pay-per-click adverts and referrals as some of the other cost-effective, marketing strategies, albeit with high potency.

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