Creating a Positive Trade Show Booth Experience

Trade shows are a great way to introduce and promote a product or service to the marketplace. These events are held throughout the year in many locations. There are shows for almost any classification of product or service. Making a positive and lasting impression on prospective customers at these events requires preparation. 

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The trade show booth is a space where deals may be made or lost. Designing a booth space that welcomes visitors and communicates brand identity is key to success. Here are some booth design ideas to keep in mind when preparing for your next trade show appearance.

Practical Design Considerations

There may be limited time for constructing the exhibit space. Props and visuals should be quick and easy to assemble. A multi-panel backdrop, made of lightweight aluminum framing with an adjustable pivot joint between each section, is flexible and easily erected. These create large vertical spaces where eye-catching visuals can be displayed. Panel sizes are adjustable to expand or shrink depending upon the size of the booth space. Practicing display setup, a day or two before the trade show, can help to organize hardware, lighting equipment and tools to improve setup time.

Booth Space Layout

The first objective of your booth space is to make a positive impression and invite prospects into the space to engage. A backdrop featuring high contrast colors, spotlighting and interesting visuals helps to accomplish this. Smaller, in-booth visuals, product models or samples can increase interest and raise questions. Keeping a small table for brochures and business cards, near the back of the booth, draws people into the space providing an opportunity to engage with them. If possible, reserving a small part of the space for private conversations is helpful.

Know Your Product or Service

People attend trade shows to network, learn about new developments and see the available products and services in their industry. The time attendees spend at any given booth is limited.  Furthermore, a trade show floor is often a crowded and noisy environment full of distractions. Being prepared with a brief, compelling summary of a product’s key benefits and features is critical. This ‘elevator pitch’ should answer the most common questions, address likely objections and, when appropriate, end with a call to action.

Promotional Items

Depending upon the product or service, promotional items can be a useful tool. Before investing in pens or keychains to give away, having a well-designed business card is recommended. Producing and providing brochures or pamphlets that describe a product or service in detail and differentiate it from competitors is another priority.

Some research indicates that promotional items are an effective marketing and advertising method. Practical giveaways, such as flash drives and pens or tee shirts, bearing your logo, make a lasting impression on recipients. These items may, in turn, be given away or shared with others multiplying their effect.

Taking the time and making the effort to create an effective trade show booth experience will pay off.  Prospects who come away with a positive impression of a business or product at a trade show will often mention it to co-workers and other trade show attendees.  This engages word of mouth advertising, a highly sought after effective marketing and advertising tool.

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