7 Best Creative Marketing Ideas for Little Businesses for 2021

Any business hoping to make it requires that extra push—the thing it needs to lift itself off the ground and become something truly inspirational. There are many stories like these, and if you want to start your own business, then it’s from these stories that you can take some ideas. Luckily, we will have many great examples here of what you can do to start your very own business. These have made up some of the best businesses around, like top Canadian casinos or even bakery stores. Find out which one can be your first big step into doing your small business into a grand one.

Creative Marketing Ideas

Social Media

What would the modern world be without that revolution of social media? If any business out there wishes to get noticed, it would be mad to not use a social media account. It is one of the sure-fire ways of gaining followers for your business and helping it advertise on a much bigger scale. You can use services like Facebook to make an official info page about your business. You can use Twitter to get yourself some great connections and expand your market. Instagram can be used to promote pictures of some of your best products. Social media is effective, and it is why it dominates our everyday lives.

Customer Referrals

Naturally, one shouldn’t underestimate the effectiveness of word of mouth. Sometimes just hearing about a business from someone else can grab their curiosity. Customer referrals can help spread a positive message about your business to many social groups. What is even better is that you can offer a reward for those that spread the word. You can offer an exclusive discount or product to those that refer your business towards a friend and gets them to purchase something. Everyone wins, and your business can start growing.


A simple blog can go a long way to getting people in the know. SEO is crucial for online businesses as you need to make the words clear that can get the attention of others. Converting readers into customers is how you can let potential buyers know what you are all about. This gives them an informed choice of how interesting this is to them—letting them make the decision to come here first and give them that choice to establish trust. Keep up with the posts on your blog, however, to keep that interest maintained.

Free Samples

While it is not a common practice you should keep since you have to make a profit sooner or later, but having a little something for free can’t hurt. So long as you have the means to produce a free sample and still support the business financially, it can be a great way of getting a customer’s interest. The sample can be a test-run of a particular service or a small sample of the food you may be selling. A customer may be able to tell a lot about the product from a free sample. Make sure that it offers a fraction of the best you have on offer.

Guest Posts

A simple yet effective tool in marketing what you are all about. A guest post can portray information about a product or service with readers who are interested in that kind of thing. It can help tap into that niche that you are looking for. A guest post can be written for many different kinds of sites as well as written itself by many kinds of readers. Acquiring the best services of both these aspects will be your key to getting your guest post read by the right people.

Press Release

PR has been known to help with marketing since its first indignation. A press release can reveal information on your business in a clear and precise format, openly stating what you offer to customers and what is included within the business. A press release can be unveiled through an official business connection to let other marketers know about it first. Even better, news partnerships may also learn about this business and share it in the latest articles on what to look out for. Press releases can be written as purely informational, but they can also include great quality images to give readers a better view.

Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty programs are mainly used by businesses that have been around for a while. However, if your business has still remained small for a long time, it may be the kick it needs. Rewarding customers for staying on with them can help convince other customers to start going there too. It gives them an incentive to join as they know there is a chance they will be rewarded if they keep coming back. Offering discounts, prizes or other special perks can be just the tipping point needed to create a business that survives for a longer time.

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