6 Ways Your Business Could Be Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Business: Have seen tremendous growth in several areas due to advancements in technology. Overall, technological advancements such as business processing software have allowed for a more productive, efficient, and profitable environment for those that take advantage of them. However, there is one major drawback to relying on technology that not many businesses give any attention to. That drawback comes in the form of cyber-attacks and hacks. For the most part, these attacks come in unexpected ways and leave little to no trace on their way out. What’s most interesting about these attacks is that they are only getting better along with advancements in technology. This is why it is so important to understand where the vulnerable areas of your business are.

More than simply helping your business avoid data loss or malware attacks, understanding these weak spots will save you from completely going out of business. As bad as that sounds, the unfortunate reality is that these attacks go for more than just your business finances. They also won’t hesitate to go after any personal data that might affect your situation even further. Pointing these issues out is not so much to scare you from cyber attacks, it mostly serves the purpose of shedding light on what can happen if you ignore the warning signs. With this in mind, let’s go over six ways your business could be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

#1: Social Engineering Cyber-Attacks

Despite popular belief, cyber-attacks can be started without having any technological source to work with. This type of attack is known as social engineering cyber-attacks. They are mostly implemented at gathering events or business setting where useful information can be spilled that can later be used to access business platforms from afar. That said, make sure any employees or business associates you send to these events are trained on how to spot social engineering attackers.

#2: Weak Platform Login Passwords

Having a weak platform login password is one of the most vulnerable areas for businesses. They can easily be guessed and entered with little to no work at all. For this reason, make sure your password is strong enough to prevent attackers but also safe enough for employees to access without any hassle.

#3: Weak/No Malware Firewalls

While most businesses don’t forget to use a form of a firewall to prevent malware attacks, what they do overlook is not having one that is strong enough. Remember that cyber-attacks are only getting better in the ways they can penetrate protection. For this reason, make sure your firewall source is proven and backed with layers of protection.

#4: Using Poor Remote Access Software

Remote access software is somewhat risky to use because it allows other viewers to operate your computer without your control. However, they do have some helpful features to them that make them somewhat of a popular tool for businesses to use. If your business happens to use one, make sure it is not a cheap or third-party source access tool. Your business must use at least an alternative to Teamviewer for remote access processes.

#5: Poor/No Usage Of Virtual Private Networks

If your business operates under non-protected networks, by far the most important tool your business can use is a VPN. Known as virtual private networks, this tool works in hiding and securing your internet connectivity from potential attackers. Worth mentioning, make sure any VPN you use has a proven and established protection. Using a weak one has shown to be just as costly as not using one at all.

#6: Only Using Cloud-Based Storage Systems

As we can see, relying too heavily on technology can have devastating effects if you use it irresponsibly. This same rule applies to only using cloud-based storage systems. To counter this vulnerable weak spot from attackers, consider using an external storage system to back up your data.

Keeping Your Business Safe From Cyber Attacks

Needless to say, keeping your business safe from cyber-attacks is a big part of being a responsible business owner. It requires as much if not more attention than any other part of your business. That being said, if you can research ways on how your business might be vulnerable to attacks in combination with these six, you should have a well-rounded layer of protection for your business.

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