Dealing With The Wrath Of An Unhappy Customer


It’s a bright sunny morning, you’re at work, things are moving pretty smoothly and everyone’s in a great mood. Just when you thought that this day couldn’t get any better, you receive a phone call from a customer who doesn’t seem to be in a good mood. You try to dig deeper as to what drove your customer into such anger, but all you get in return is more tantrums and derogatory comments about your company. Well, there must be something that angered your customer, aren’t you going to fix that?

An angry customer is more like that mandatory bottleneck that brands have to put up with, no matter what. But, just as a wise man once said, the show must go on, thus, no matter how worse your angry customer has made the situation, your efforts to work out things must never stop.

In situations where you find yourself dealing with unhappy customers, remaining positive and calm, is the key. So, instead of looking at the situation with disappointment, try looking through it and use this quote as an inspiration.

“Your Most Unhappy Customers Are Your Greatest Source Of Learning.” – Bill Gates

Working at a brand’s customer support can be no less than a sport. While there are good customers who give you reasons to keep coming back to work, you can’t ignore the ones that make you hate your job, and give you a glimpse of what hell is going to look like. Sometimes, you may come across ‘mildly’ agitated customers – the ones that easily understand and take no effort to revert back into a good mood. However, there are customers that demonstrate extreme rigidity, and no matter what you do they don’t step back from testing your patience.

Did you know 51% of unhappy customers never do business again with a brand after a bad experience? This is the reason why Spectrum takes its customers very seriously. With Spectrum customer service, customers get an instant solution to their problems. Moreover, Spectrum’s CS representatives always check on their customers to make sure that everything remains consistently flawless.

However, no matter how hard they try, sometimes brands ought to make some mistakes, which often push customers to their limits. Want to find out what you could possibly do to irritate your customers? Then continue reading:

Mistakes That Make Customers Lose Their Patience

  • The first mistake that brands often make is over-automation. When brands go overboard in automating their phone calls, they just give their customers all the more reasons to fall deeper into frustration. Just picture yourself in a situation where you want instant answers from a company. Wouldn’t you hate if you were kept on hold for a long time and all you can hear is that annoying ‘on-hold’ tune? You would hate it, right? So why put your customers through it?
  • Another mistake that angers customers is the fact that brands assign bad listeners to serve as customer service representatives. Customer service representatives have to be good listeners because if they aren’t, then obviously their impatient attitude will end up angering customers and you may guess what follows next.
  • Another mistake by customer service representatives that angers customers is their defensiveness. Accepting mistakes and asking customers for a chance of rectification is something that brands should prioritize. When CS representatives act defensive, they basically belittle customers and show that their complaints mean nothing to the brand.

Things You Can Do To Deal with Angry Customers

Okay, so we’ve looked at the mistakes that brands often make, now let’s shift a bit of our attention towards the things that can be done while dealing with an angry and disappointed customer:

  • First of all, make your customer feel heard. If your customers have something to say about the good experience they’ve had with your brand, hear them. And if your customers are ranting about their bad experience with you, then don’t let your patience get in the way and instead hear everything that they have to say. Just remember that the next time you receive a call from an angry customer, keep a glass of cold water nearby, remain as calm as you can and focus ONLY on listening to your customer, that’s all.
  • The second thing you can do for an unhappy customer is to make them feel special. Obviously, there is no way that you can undo that problem that you’ve already created, but you can reduce the brunt of it by simply making your customer feel special. If your angry customer is on call, then take a moment to appreciate your customer for highlighting that mistake. Such tactics usually catch customers off-guard, but they work great towards controlling the situation.
  • The third thing that brands can get their customer service representatives to focus on is the guarantee of improvement. Your customers expect you to do your best the next time they choose you, therefore, it should be your priority to make sure there are no disappointments in the future.

In a Nutshell

Customers are nonetheless an important asset for a brand. When brands seek growth, they make customers happy, and this process requires no difficult science or heavy mathematic equations. Thus, if you’re planning to start your own brand, then make sure to remember one thing – making customers happy is a difficult, difficult task, and if you manage to stand firmly on it, then you are sure to take your brand to the heights of success. So, let’s see how well you manage your customers. Good Luck!

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