Deploying Poker Strategies and Quizzing – Online Activities Which Will Get You Thinking

Poker: Modern society has incorporated online activity into everything that we do. If we need cooking inspiration we look to online recipes, if we are sick,

The internet is a truly amazing thing to have access to. Whether you are a student doing research for an assignment, a homeowner looking for a new property or someone searching for their new career opportunity, the internet is the place to look.

Modern society has incorporated online activity into everything that we do. If we need cooking inspiration we look to online recipes, if we are sick, we might Google our symptoms or to catch up with friends we often visit social media sites.

If you are bored or just looking for something to fill your free time at home, there are a huge number of online activities to consider. Here are five that you might be yet to try out:


Starting your own online blog can be a great way of sharing topics you care about or unleashing a bit of creativity through writing. You don’t need to be technologically skilled to start your own blog, as there are many already established platforms that you can utilise these days.

The first step to creating a blog is decide what it is that you actually want to write about. This could be a hobby such as the sport you play, or if you are a gamer it could be about what you are currently playing.

Other popular topics include beauty, homeware, or politics. You could even create a more general lifestyle blog that covers all your interests and favourite activities.

Once you have your idea, you can move on to choosing a blogging platform, such as WordPress or Medium. You might decide to create your own website.

If you do this, you will need to pick a web host, domain name and start thinking about colour themes and layouts.

Try to be realistic about how often you plan on posting on your blog. Will this be a hobby that you do now and then or a lucrative side hustle you hope to create a revenue stream from?

Trivia and quizzes

Blogging isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you want to relax and have fun with friends online, if so you might like to try out some trivia and quizzes.

Trivia games and quiz sites are easy to find through search engines and can be played from either your mobile phone or a computer.

If you want to play with a group of friends remotely then you can use video chatting apps such as Houseparty. These apps allow friends to connect to each other through the internet and play games such as general trivia or even a ‘finish the song lyric’ quiz.


If you enjoy playing games, then online poker is something you may enjoy. Through online gambling sites such as 888 poker online, you can play different variants of the game with other players.

There is everything from Texas Holdem’ to Omaha poker to play. You can even join in with live tournaments if you feel like it.

Playing poker at a high level takes skill and practice. Luckily, many online poker sites offer new players the opportunity to learn through free games. When you sign up to a new site you may even get a welcome bonus or no deposit option.

Other online casino games such as blackjack, roulette and online slots can also be found easily on the internet.

Playing online allows you to enjoy all the fun that you normally experience in a casino, but from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Learn about your family history

The internet is not just for playing games, you can also learn about history and past events. In recent years, the number of websites that allow you to search your own ancestry and family history have grown.

Using these sites, you can build a picture of your own family tree and learn about where you came from. You might even find relatives you didn’t know you had and be able to connect with them online.

Putting together a family tree can take some time but paying for premium services will give you access to increased amounts of data and resources.

Learn a new skill

Why not put your free time to good use and learn a new skill or develop a skill you have even further? Doing this might help to increase your employability prospects or even just boost your confidence.

There are websites that allow you to learn specific things such as a new language or how to code. Or there are other skill sharing websites with access to a broad range of different topics, with tutorials and interactive lessons to get involved in.

Learning online does not mean learning on your own. Many websites with this purpose also have online communities so you can connect with people on the same learning journey as you.

Whether it’s playing games, enjoying a hobby or learning something new, there are a huge amount of activities to enjoy online!

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