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Gamstop: All the moves by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) are all in a bid to salvage a system filled with irresponsible gambling and create one

First off, at this point, we know that Gamstop sets the pace for what will become a novel scheme to promote irresponsible gambling among UK casino citizens. All the moves by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) are all in a bid to salvage a system filled with irresponsible gambling and create one without such.

Gamstop Programming

All these moves are courtesy of certain developers. We will consider these instrumental developers in the present world of gambling in the United Kingdom. Who are they and how did they arrange this scheme to work? Wait patiently to find out.

Data Shed Is A Software Developer For Gamstop

News flash! All of these instrumental impacts and changes are all courtesy of that industrious team of software developers. So, if you had it in mind that a number of developers came about this effective scheme, well, here is to clear your doubt. Data shed developed it all to this point. A job well done by Data Shed!

Data Shed landed this task to be the main developers for Gamstop in June 2018. Having been co-founded by Ed Thewlis and Sutton in 2014, The Data Shed focused their speciality in analytical projects and data integration for clients. A few of their clients are Qantas, Hermes, and The Tate Galleries Group.

And, since the developers got hired to underwrite and improve the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme, the data services outfit based in Leeds has done a great job by enabling the nationwide online service to handle the toughest working days. Developers make this service better in order to hide online slot games not on Gamstop for problem gamblers. The scheme has dealt with nationwide sporting events like Boxing Day and the Grand National. These are days when trading gets to its maxima. It was reported that at a certain point, the online platform ably took charge of over 20,000 hits in a flash.

The co-founder and CEO of the Leeds-based technology enterprise Anna Sutton confirmed the proficiency of this app. In her own words, she said: “We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done to date to help get the service accepted into licence conditions for the whole industry. We’ve proven that our service is secure and flexible enough to allow operators to verify every registration and login against the exclusion register, without impacting the performance of operator services. This is particularly crucial on the busiest days on the sporting calendar.”

Gamstop also had only huge encomiums to give to the service offered by their chosen technology partner. The CEO of Gamstop, Fiona Palmer asserted that their body had been “impressed with The Data Shed team’s dedication and insight” since they came to be partners about 2 years ago.

Tips On Using The Gamstop API

The Gamstop application programming interface is one specially crafted API with a number of similar features to other contemporary APIs and a good number of peculiar features that set it out as a distinct programming interface. As always, we have you covered once again. All thanks to Github, there are a few tips we will dish out to guide you through the usage of the Gamstop API. Follow through the question and answer we will create below and other details below to unearth these tips.

Features Of The Gamstop Programming Interface

The Gamstop shows forth the following features:


The GAMSTOP API endpoint URL is the first on this list.


This key is the distinctive key Gamstop provides to operators of the self-exclusion scheme.

3. Timeout

This is the amount of time a created connection may last in seconds before it gets discontinued.

Now to the questions!

What name is given to this web service?

GAMSTOP – GAMSTOP API Client Implementation

What Is The Requirement For Users Of The Gamstop API?

As a requirement, before you are able to access this interface as a user, you are required to get your “Unique API Key”. You can get this key from the GAMSTOP platform via this link:

When Does The Exclusion Response Die?

Understandably, the exclusion response fails when there is an error while creating a connection to the GAMSTOP API endpoint.

Who Is The Author Of The Software And Does This Software Possess Copyright?

The Gamstop software author is and the software is free. Plus, the software can be distributed easily. So also, as long as you work under similar conditions as the Perl 5 programming language system, you can easily modify the interface.

What Are The Necessary Parameters For Your Self-exclusion To Be Successful?

The first name of a person that seeks self-exclusion is the first needed parameter. Here, just 20 characters are needed. The next is the person’s last name, and similar to the first parameter, only 20 characters are meaningful. The date of birth comes next in an ISO format (yyyy-mm-dd). The email address next, before the postcode.

Note that spaces amount to nothing as regards the postcode parameter.

Are there extra parameters?

That will be the “X-Trace-Id” This parameter is a freeform space that is placed in the audit log for the use of the caller to specify a request for self-exclusion. This id sometimes is to show the person being surveyed GUID, a distinct request ID, and a maybe a trace ID from another scheme like Zipkin.

After following these tips and providing the required parameter especially, you are ready to use the GAMSTOP API.

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