Difference Between UI and UX Design

There is still a lot of confusion between UI and UX. Most people or let’s just say, layman, tend to confuse the two to be the same. Well, in reality, UI and UX are two different concepts. Both may work in close in relation to each other but they serve different purposes. These terms may have been around for a long time, but people are still confused between the two. In this guide, we are going to state the difference between UI and UX. If you are interested to learn the meaning of both these terms then read along.

What is UX?

UX stands for user experience. It is basically a comprehensive process of creating a web product which can result in a great product or user experience. UX design is focused on the development of the overall design of the product such as an application or a website. The main purpose of user experience is to promote full customer satisfaction. This is achieved by providing a great user experience on the web environment. UI and UX of a website are managed by a UI/UX design and development company.

What Is UI?

In contrast to UX, UI Design refers the outlook of the website or an application. It primarily focuses on the visual elements of the web product such as buttons, menus, images, dropdowns and other similar components. Development of UI is related to choosing the colour, following the latest design and defining the corporate identity of the web product.

UI developers focus on creating and improving the character of the web product. Their main task is to enhance the outlook of the product. The user interface is that first thing that is noticed by people when they visit your page. If your site has a dull UI, visitors are likely to ditch your page and never come back. UI has a direct role to play in retaining the attention of your visitors. With the help of a UI/UX software development company, you can achieve the ideal UI for your website.

Benefits of A Great UI/UX Design

Having a good UI and UX design for your web product can benefit you in plenty of ways. Some of the benefits that you can derive from it include the following.

Increased Productivity

You should be informed that a better user experience can result in increased productivity. Having a good UI and UX design for your site ensures that each of your users spends more time on your site. This will also lead to increased sales.

Reduces development time

Around 50% of the time is lost in redoing and fixing mistakes that could have been easily avoided. This is why it is important for you to make sure that the design of your web product is made right in the first place. This will spare you from facing troubles later on.

Lower costs of support

If you have a well-designed app, you can be sure of the fact that it is going to work. However, when an app is designed poorly, you need spare expenses for documentation, training, and support. All of these results in higher costs later on. A well-designed app is also known to put less stress on the developers.

Customer retention

Another important benefit of building an intuitive and beautiful design is that more users will want to use it. If they like your product, chances are that they are going to keep using it. In today’s time of rising competition, it is extremely important for you to retain your customers. If by having a better UI and UX design can help you with your customers then it is totally worth a shot.

Customer acquisition

Having a better user experience and design can provide you with a competitive benefit. This will help you to attract more customers. You need to understand that UI and UX development is more than just designing a web product. It is an effective part of doing good business.


UI and UX both work together and contributes to the success of a website or application. One cannot work without the other and even if they do, it will be a complete failure for you. It is the work of a UI/UX development company to make your web product a success. Users should get the comfort of both UI and UX while visiting your webpage or using your application. These two are the most important factors that you need to look into while developing a website. Hopefully, now the difference between UI and UX is clear to you.

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