Digital Asset Management Software: What It Is and Why You Need It


How does digital asset management work? Wondering what is the best digital asset management software that will perform best for you? In this article you’ll find comprehensive details to enable you to understand the purpose of enterprise digital asset management software for organizing, storing and retrieving rich media and managing digital rights and permissions. Knowing how to store digital assets properly is a very important skill for any marketer to learn. Especially larger companies require proper digital asset management skills. Digital Asset management systems are also called DAM software and are provided by companies such as Microsoft, IntelligenceBank & Oracle.

What is Meant By Digital Assets Management?

DAM software is not only used to properly organize digital assets in a company, it is also used to tag images with keywords, organize them with metadata, convert them into different file formats, publish them to a companies CMS system and track their usage. Anyone looking for a career in marketing needs to learn these important skills.

Importance In This Day And Age

One of the biggest reasons as to why digital asset management software is so important these days is a consequence of the digital world we currently live in: an abundance of information that often times can be overwhelming to organize and it shows, given that there are so many companies out there that have a tremendous amount of images, audios and videos that are not properly organized when they are most needed. This is a tool that is particularly helpful with employees that have to do long researches at work and may spend way too much time and effort looking for one digital asset that is not being found.

Tools And Uses

There are many ways that you can use digital asset management software for your own benefit; this is because there are many different tools that you can use, with one of the most famous being the creation tool, which helps you to implement said management through many different procedures such as encoding, scanning and authoring. You can also control different versions of your storage, which is something that can help you in case you lose future versions. For example, you can save your current storage today and in case you lose all these media files in the future, you have the accumulated information until this day fully saved. There is also the possibility of adjusting the access control so that only a selected group of people can reach your files. This is very helpful in the case that you don’t want these files to be reached by a lot of people and want to keep things a bit private, which is something that you can truly do with digital asset management software.

Why A Digital Asset Management Software?

Thinking about the potential benefits of what you may get from using the digital asset management software is very important because it gives you a better sense of purpose and in the following list we give you a few examples of what you may get with us if you decide to get these services:
  • Saves a lot of space: No need to worry anymore about all those files scattered around your computer or any other place where they may be stored; with the help if digital asset management software: you can keep all those files on a specific position where you can reach them without any problem whatsoever.
  • Improves workflow: Every single work environment requires a lot of precision and a good flow to keep the machinery going smoothly, so it’s no surprise that using this software is such a helpful tool given that provides an easier way to reach files and to use them, which in return enables a faster pace in the workflow.
  • Finds media files faster with useful research elements: This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits that you’re going to get by using digital asset management software because you’re now going to have different tools and research elements to get the media file that you’re currently searching for. This not only is going to improve the workflow, but it’s also going to provide a better sense of organization in your company.
Overall, there is much to like about digital asset management software and it is definitely worth your time in case that you want to improve the way you run your media files on your company.
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