DIRECTV and DISH – Similarities and Differences

Satellite TV has been commercially available for a quarter of the century now and has revolutionized the way of broadcasting high-quality multi-channel transmissions in the United States and the rest of the world. These satellite transmissions have led to huge technological advancements and have taken entertainment and communication to new heights.


In the United States, satellite TV is only available on a subscription-based service from two providers i.e. DISH and DIRECTV. For most customers picking which company to choose from can be challenging as both offer similar services and deals.

It is essential to know what to consider to make the right choice for your business or household. People have different opinions on breaking down the services of each company based upon price and packages. Both the companies have their own Pros and Cons and so it is always good to do a little research to find out what is best as per your specific household interests.


Both companies have steadfast service quality. They provide high-quality digital pictures with the best audio and video experience for their subscribers. J.D. Power Association research shows that both companies have exceptional customer satisfaction rates based on national consumer surveys.

They both offer Digital video recording that allows you to record, pause, forward or rewind live programs. Also, you can watch multiple channels on different TV sets in your home. DISH includes a satellite dish and the DVR named Hopper and DIRECTV includes the DVR named Genie with a satellite dish. With both the Genie and the Hopper you can watch live programs as well as the recorded list on your mobile devices.

High definition programming, multiple local stations, parental locks, pay-per-view events, and multi-channel viewing are similar features of both DIRECTV and DISH.

Both companies offer free decoder systems, free installation services of their systems by a certified installer, a few free movie channels, as well as, a few incentives for first-time customers.


The number of channels offered by both the companies is different as DIRECTV carries 285 channels and DISH carries 320 satellite TV channels.

DIRECTV is the one that offers the most sports packages. If you are an athletic person who is interested in sports then this is the one for you. Let it be basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis, cricket, football, baseball, table tennis, golf, wrestling, boxing, rugby, horse racing, UFC, NASCAR, The Outdoor channel. You name it and you can watch it!

Both companies are providing the best experiences in their own nature. They have attractive features as per consumer interest and budget. DIRECTTV wants to lead in sports entertainment whereas DISH is more of an all-rounder. DISH offers everyday value for the whole family with more channels to suit the needs of all.

There is no fixed answer to which service provider is better as both companies have excellent records. It all comes down to preference at the end of the day.

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