Dirty Tricks by Online Casinos: Tips on Staying Safe

Online casinos have been caught engaging in dirty tricks in order to increase their profits. Tactics such as delaying payouts, confiscating winnings, and rigging games have been used by these casinos in order to keep players from withdrawing their money.

In 2018, the American Gaming Association (AGA) released a report stating that there were over 2,800 active gambling platforms on the internet. Given that industry research firms claim that the global market expands at an annual rate of 10.4%, we can safely assume that this figure has now gone past the 3,000-mark.


Thus, in a vast ocean of fierce competitors vying for your gambling dollar, it is of the utmost importance that you can weed out the safe and reliable online casinos from the shady ones. You can do so by reading platform reviews from established iGaming info hubs. However, before laying down any bets, you also need to know tricks that gambling sites pull to get the most out of you as a customer.

Check the Payment Method Restrictions

An online casino may advertise that it accepts Visa and MasterCard to get you to sign up, as these are by far the most accessible payment methods out there. Yet, when it comes time to take funds out of your casino account, you may discover that you cannot use a credit card option. The platform then will force you to make a crypto withdrawal or an e-wallet one. These are less regulated methods, and they make things easier for them but may prove an extra hassle for you. So, always check if the listed deposit options are also available for withdrawals.

Games Display Winning Animations Even When You Lose Money

Slots display win animations every time you hit a winning combo on the reel grid. Nevertheless, not all of these combinations pay out a prize that is worth more than your bet. For example, many reel-spinners provide rewards worth x0.5 for hitting three to five low-paying symbols on the reel-grid. That means that if you bet $1, you just lost $0.5. Regardless, the game counts that as a prize and will display a cool animation and some sound effects, even though you lost money on that particular spin. Therefore, always pay attention to your wagered amount. A win does not always mean a prize when spinning digital reels.

Pay Attention to Bonus Conditions

Yes, a site may have a banner that says – 100 free spins for a $20 deposit. However, what that ad does not tell you is that you will have to use those complimentary rotations on a high variance slot. These are games that only pay out sizeable prizes rarely. Meaning, you are unlikely to claim anything of note spinning them in the short-term. If the welcome package lists a percentage match up to a specific amount like $1,000, it will come with a wagering requirement. That is the sum you must bet before you can make a cash withdrawal. An x10 one means that you will have to bet your bonus amount ten times over to collect your subsequent winnings. The more free-playing funds the casino advertises, the higher this requirement will be. Offers that go above a few thousand feature requirements above x45.

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