Domestic Worker US Visa: Effects f Violating The United States Domestic Employees’ Visa

The United States employee visa is a business visa that is meant for immigrants that are coming to the United States to continue their job with the person or firm they have been working with or to pursue their business career.

To secure this visa, one has to be eligible for the visa type because it is only given to specialized people who are qualified for the visa. This type of visa can be secured by immigrants from any part of the world as there is no discrimination when it comes to the issue of nationality of immigrants who can apply for it.


To apply for this type of visa, there is a need to have proof that you have been working with your employee who is in the United States long time before the application date. At most times, the visa applies to workers who are deemed important and almost irreplaceable to their employers. Example of professions that can be considered irreplaceable is chef.

Being a chef who has been the one cooking for a particular group of people, when such people relocate to the United States, you can apply for this visa as it is considered relevant due to health issues.

Securing this type of visa can take one a lot of time because it takes a lot of time to verify the documents of the employer and the employee before an interview can be conducted for the two parties at two different locations, i.e. the employer who is in the United States will be interviewed in the United States while the employee who is not yet in the United States will be interviewed in any United States embassy in the country he or she is applying from. A lot of immigrants do violate the United States domestic employees’ visa due to ignorance and a lot of other reasons.

Most immigrants who violate this visa are those who are not aware of the effects of violating the visa.

The Effects Of Violating Domestic Employees’ Visa Include

Inability To Work

If one violates the terms of the domestic employees’ visa, there is a high probability of losing one’s ability to work. The visa serves as the residence permit and the work permit in the country simultaneously, which means it gives one the permission to live and work in the country at the same time.

Most times, when one immigrates to the United States with this type of visa, the employer will be obligated to provide accommodation as the employer is the person responsible for inviting you to the country.

Going against the visa terms may make one lose the right to work with the employer who invited you to the United States or even freeze one’s right to work anywhere in the country.

If your country is among the Visa Waiver Program countries, then you will need to apply for the ESTA. The question, WHEN DO I NEED U.S. VISA? Is for you if your country does not belong to the VWP countries.

Immigration Case

The USCIS charges any immigrant who violates his or her visa term to court. As an immigrant in the country, it is definite that one would not want to get charged for any immigration case as it brings a lot of agony to the charged immigrant.

Getting charged for an immigration case can lead to a fine, jail term, or deportation at worst cases. Getting charged for violating the domestic employees’’ visa is more delicate as it will not implicate the immigrant alone because the employer and the employee will both have to be tried in court.

In a case where the visa was violated by the employee, the employee will serve the punishment alone. If the violation comes from the employer, the employer can serve the punishment alone, but at times, it may affect the immigrant employee too.


domestic employees’ visa can only be used for professional purpose alone; it
cannot be used to study or embark on tourism in the country.

There are a lot of
punishments that immigrants who violate this visa can face ranging from fine to
incarceration in the country and of course, deportation. Deportation is the
worst effect of violating the domestic employees’ visa terms as it means one
will be transported back to one’s homeland forcefully without being able to
take any of his or her properties that were acquired in the United States
except the ones found on such person at the location of his or her arrest.

Before getting deported, one must have been tried and found guilty in court
alongside one’s employer. Even after getting deported, the employer has the
right to file for appeal on behalf of his or her deported employee after which
if found genuine the visa can be reinstated.

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