Brand-new Doxo: Pay, Track and Get Notifiyed About All Your Bill Payments

Are you stressed over every month’s toll with loads of paper bills, receipts, email alerts? Have the online bill payments also failed to give you the relief that you deserve? Yes? Then we surely have something perfect in store for you today. Say goodbye to the stress of bill payments as the revolutionary Doxo app is here to solve all your billing problems.

Doxo has made the process of billing simple and convenient for all its users. The platform is the first of its nature, in providing billing access to over 45,000 billers. Let’s take a look at all the amazing features of doxo:

1. Hassle-free Bill Payments:

Although every other billing app claims to make the process of billing hassle-free for its users, seldom does this truly happen. But doxo is above all in doing delivering what they promise. Doxo allows you to sit and relax and pay all your bills with just one click. So, you don’t have to strain over either your cell phone bill, cable bill or even the water bill. You just need to login to doxo and select any form of payment (bank account, credit card or debit card). After which all your billing problems are dealt with by the doxo itself.

2. Your personal Digital File Cabinet:

Doxo can become your own personal digital file cabinet where you can store your important information and documents like bills, receipts, insurance cards or other valuable stuff. You can print out any email or documents directly from the app. Moreover, you can easily write customized notes and other billing details in the app. Plus, you have the advantage of sharing these documents via email and messages and you can always back them up on the cloud storage of the app.

3. Stay above your billing Deadlines:

Dealing with more than 10 bills each month with multiple online accounts on poor websites that rarely support mobile phones can be cumbersome. All this tends to give you a headache and cost you extra money for late fees. Let doxo help you with auto-scheduled payments for frequent billing. Moreover, you can set customized calendar-based reminders on Doxo to never miss any deadline.

4. Relax and track your Payment status:

You don’t need your own personal journal to keep track of your bills. Instead, let doxo do that for you. Doxo can easily keep the track of your bills and payments. You can view the status of your payments and bills and catch on with those which require immediate attention. Doxo also allows you to monitor your money as it moves from your account until the biller receives it. With account history, you can track your payment in detail and manage it as you wish.

5. Safe and Secure with Doxo:

It poses a great risk when you share your account details like username and password with different online billing websites. With Doxo, you can pay your bills with a single account that ensures the safety of your accounts with its state-of-the-art security measures. Doxo has the best security system which can detect any fraudulent software. Your valuable information is encrypted and protected at all costs and the payment is checked at every step of the billing process.

Enjoy effortless billing – Download doxo today!

Doxo is a one-stop-shop for all your billing problems where you can conveniently pay, track your payments, get customized reminders and simply cut the billing clutter out of your life. Save your time for shopping or even plan that vacation by saving up on those late billing fees with Doxo. What are you waiting for? Make doxo your personal billing genie by downloading the doxo app today.

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