E-sports and How They Are Beginning to Replace Traditional Sports

E-sports is the practice of competing against other players and teams in computer games, be they traditional yet online sports games such as football or baseball or something different like Fortnite or the MOBA games (League of Legends, DOTA 2…) that are now big business. It is argued herein that it is such sport that is taking over from the so-called traditional sports out there and explains why this is the case.

The Numbers Related to E-Sports

There are approximately 30 million monthly viewers of esports around the globe, and by 2024 it is expected that approximately 796 global; viewers will be watching e-sports. Games like the FIFA E-World Cup, League of Legends world championships, and more e-sports are now the norm. Furthermore, they are watched in both actual venues as well as on the internet and on social media platforms. The fact that you can play or watch from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection means that it is a growing phenomenon across the internet. It is thus clear that this pastime and the watching thereof is a leading hobby around the globe.

A Wider Variety of E-Sports than Traditional Sport

As discussed above, there are a wide range of games that can be played online and would qualify as an e-sport. From professional poker and the casino games just like those found at best online Australian casinos to competitive fantasy and adventure games, drone flying, and historical conquest games, the list is endless and, as such, appeals to a wider range of people than traditional sports.


A Growing Culture

The younger generation speaks of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, who streams his Fortnite gaming on Twitch. They speak of him as a Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. The dream is to be like him and become a professional gamer. It is a total change of mindset, and the nature of the sport itself has arguably changed forever. Culturally and across the globe, e-sport is leading the way in the changes in the very definition and understanding of what sport is.

Increased Inclusivity of E-sport

E-sport is just so much more inclusive than the traditional sports. There are no gender, age, or other demographic characteristics that differentiate and divide players. No matter where you are in the world, what your creed or culture, age, physical ability or gender, as long as you have the skills and the technology to compete, you could find yourself playing in the world championship online. It may still be a male-dominated sector, but the major e-sport teams have all made massive strides to be more inclusive and to actively address toxic masculinity, as this is also seen as a means to further spread the sport even further. The internet and the manner that e-sport is played is the main reason such Inclusivity is possible and is a significant improvement and development from the traditional sports out there that are predominantly based on speed, power, and athletic ability.

It is thus no wonder that e-sports have simply begun to take over from the traditional sport out there, both in the watching as well as the playing. It is a trend that will likely continue with schools beginning to introduce some form of e-sport and accepting that these are indeed mainstream activities.

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