All You Need To Know About E Visitor Subclass 651

eVisitor Visa


The EVisitor subclass 651 visa allows people to go on a business visit, visit friends or family, travel for holiday or cruise and even train or study for up to 3 months in certain cases, in Australia. Under any circumstances, the stay can only be for up to 3 months at a given time within a time frame of 12 months. This visa is free of cost and can be granted to those holding a valid passport from the list of eligible countries. The person should not be in Australia at the time of applying for a Visitor visa 651. This visa is valid until 12 months from its grant date.

Staying in Australia with the Evisitor subclass 651

  • As it is not a permanent visa it is granted for a time frame of 12 months. A person holding this visa can be allowed entry to Australia at any given time while the Evisitor visa is still valid. However, their stay cannot exceed 3 months at any time or every time they enter.
  • The visa has multiple entries granted as part of its permissions. One can go in and out of Australia as many times as they wish during its validity. It starts from the date of the visa grant.
  • Staying longer by extension of this visa is not possible. One would have to apply for a new visa to stay longer.
  • There are various other visas for short or long stays in Australia suitable for different circumstances.

Cost and processing time of the eVisitor 651 visa

  • This visa is free of cost and should be applied from outside of Australia.
  • One must make travel arrangements only after receiving the visa grant in writing from the authorities in Australia
  • A person should be outside Australia even while the decision on their application is being taken
  • Most of the visa applications are processed within a day. It may take longer if the required information and documents are not provided correctly or completely. It could also take time to verify one’s information by the authorities.

Eligibility For The EVisitor Subclass 651 Visa

  • The intention to visit Australia should be for a temporary period only.
  • Adherence to the conditions attached to the visa during the stay period is imperative.
  • Having enough money to support oneself during their stay in Australia.
  • Having enough money for leaving Australia when the stay ends
  • A visa may not be granted to a person under the age of 18 years if the authorities do not find it to be in the best interests of the child
  • The applicant’s passport must be from one of the eligible countries for the EVisitor subclass 651 visa
  • A person with the passport of a non-citizen, identity certificate or other relevant travel documents cannot apply for this visa
  • A British Dependent Territories Citizen, British National Overseas, British Protected Person, British Overseas Citizen or a British Subject passport holder cannot apply for this visa.
  • All prescribed health and character requirements need to be fulfilled for the application of this visa
  • Any debts owed to the Australian government by the primary applicant or any of their family members, whether applying for a visa or not, must be paid or arranged for paying back.

Health Insurance

It is recommended to cover oneself for any medical treatments necessary during their stay in Australia through health insurance. This is important because a person would have to take care of their healthcare costs on their own in Australia. This would help overcome any financial liabilities owing to that.

Forgoing On A Cruise

A visa would be required to enter Australia. In case of a round trip, the time spent on a cruise would count as one’s stay in Australia, because it does not consider the time when one leaves Australia during the cruise. A round trip on the cruise would not reset one’s stay duration in the visa. An applicant can also consult with  Visa Consultant Perth or Migration Agent Perth to know if their cruise is considered as a round trip.

On a Business Visit: 

  • One can make normal employment or general business inquiries
  • One may negotiate, review or enter into a business contract or even investigate the contract for that matter
  • One could undertake activities related to an official visit for the government
  • One can participate in a seminar, conference or trade fair. However, they cannot be paid by the organizers.
  • One can’t provide any kind of services to an organization or business in Australia
  • One cannot sell anything to the public directly in Australia
  • If they intend to work for a short term in Australia which isn’t exactly a business activity, one could apply for a visa for temporary work

Any Changes to be Communicated to the Visa Authorities After the Visa is Granted 

A person in possession of the eVisitor 651 visa needs to inform the visa authorities about the following in case of a change:

  • Relationship status change
  • Changes about one’s address, email, phone number or even passport
  • In the case of childbirth after coming to Australia, the same would have to be informed immediately to the authorities

One may not wait necessarily for a change to occur and then inform, they can inform even when they know there is a change about to come as the visa could get affected due to the same.


An eVisitor visa holder must adhere to all conditions attached to the visa and obey the laws in Australia. The conditions can be checked on the visa grant letter or in VEVO( visa grant verification online). On an eVisitor visa, one cannot work in Australia, but they could volunteer for work. A decision on the visa application of a person is sent in writing with their grant number, date of commencement of the visa, along with the visa conditions. In case of refusal, it is also communicated in writing along with the reason for the refusal. It is also given if the applicant has the right to get the decision reviewed.

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