Easy Methods to Break Large PST Files into Smaller parts

Today, I am going to discuss the simplest and tested solution to break large PST files into multiple smaller parts. There are many users who faced oversized PST files issue and want to reduce PST file size. To surmount this problem, divide PST files into smaller PST files is the best way. Before continuing to the solution, first, we know about the PST file. So, let’s start.

Personal Storage Table(PST) is an Outlook data file. It stores all Outlook PST data and export emails, attachments like contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, journals, and many more. MS Outlook 97-2000 supports ANSI PST file format and MS Outlook 2003-2019 versions support the Unicode format. In different Outlook variants, the PST has file size restrictions, in Outlook 2013, 2016 and 2019, the highest size is up to 50 GB. There are several types of PST files such as archive PST which is like a substitute that migrates data into a separate PST file, active PST, etc.

Why we require to break Large PST File Into Multiple Smaller Parts

There are several causes after breaking the PST file into multiple smaller parts. Some of the common reasons are-

  • The execution of Outlook application reduces down due to the massive size of PST files, which requires dividing PST into small sections. 
  • Meanwhile, a large PST file surpasses its permissible boundary and the user was unable to locate or send and receive new email messages. 
  • Prevent data loss because of oversized PST files, so it is needed to break the large size PST file into smaller PST files.

Break Large Size Outlook PST File Manually

Sadly, MS Outlook does not grant any inbuilt method for dividing big PST files. But no need to worries as I discovered some DIY tricks to split large size PST files into small size Outlook PST files.

Important Note: Restrictions of Manual Ways For Diminishing Outlook PST File Size

The DIY or manual approaches are totally free, but there are some flaws to break large PST files into multiple smaller PST parts. Here are some shortcomings of manual ways-

The process is very time-engaging and complex.

Huge possibilities of data loss or data misalignment.

Expert Technical experience is expected.

Negative guarantee of data integrity and data security.

Approach 1.  Use Archive Feature to reduce PST file size

One can opt for Archive features that accessible in Outlook to divide  PST files into smaller fragments. Follow the below-stated steps:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and access the File tab.
  • Hit Info >> Tools >> Clean Up Old Items.
  • Choose a Folder to archive, pick a date in Archive items earlier than the box and click Browse to save archive file at the coveted location.
  • Press OK to terminate the process.

Approach 2.  Manage Large Size PST File Using Import/Export wizard

Easily break large size PST files with Import/Export utility. Follow all the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Open File menu -> Account Settings -> Account Settings.
  • In the Account setting window, click Add option under the Data Files option.
  • Put file name and type as Outlook Data File (.pst). Click OK to move further.
  • Now a new PST file is built, you can clearly see new PST under Data Files.
  • Again tap on File -> Open & Export -> Import/Export.
  • In the Import/Export window, choose Export to a file option and click the Next button.
  • Choose Data File (.pst) in Export to a file window.
  • Elect the required folder to export and also check to the Include subfolders option.
  • Use the Browse button to select the desired location to save the exported file.
  • Next click on Do not export duplicates items and click the Finish button.

Approach 3.  Use Move To Folder Wizard to reduce Outlook mailbox size

Give a try and use the move to folder option to split or break large PST files in Outlook 19/16/13. Here is the point by point method to accomplish this task:

  • Firstly, File tab -> Account Settings -> Account Settings.
  • Now click on the Data Files tab and then pick the Add button to create a new PST.
  • After that go to the Home screen, open the default PST file and choose the items which you desire to transfer to a new PST file you built.
  • For doing this, click on the Move button from the top of the screen and select Copy to Folder option.
  • At last, select the PST file from the copy of the chosen items to the folder option and click OK.

Time to Conclude

Here I discussed the manual ways to split or break a large PST file. As I discussed there are unusual constraints in manual tricks therefore, I would suggest you use other ways to break large PST files into smaller parts.

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