Easy way to fix access Database Errors

fix access database errors

Access databases may be important files for some users because they maintain records, so maintaining a database backup for protecting files from corruption will be a good idea. But when access database gets corrupted due to some reasons then it will become a big problem for users. So, in this blog, we will give safety precautions to fix access database errors.

First of all, we will be discussing MS Acess Database then its causes of errors in the access database and finally how can it be solved.

What does MS Access Refers?

Microsoft Access is a database management system that allows data to be stored and retrieved as needed. To develop applications, software developers, data architects & power users use MS Access. Microsoft Access has a Relational MS Jet Database Engine with a front-end user interface that is easy to grab and back-end development tools. This includes object-oriented programming capabilities as well as several software development tools that can be used to build different client-server applications.

What are the common reasons behind access database Corruption?

  • Improper device shutdown is also one of the factors that can cause corruption in the MS Access database.
  • Sometimes the existence of a few vulnerabilities in the applications of MS Access and Jet Engine is responsible for the corruption of the database itself.
  • Hardware problems such as the availability of bad sectors on hard drives.
  • Inappropriate third-party program installation or access plug-ins can also contribute to database corruption.

These are the main reasons because of which access database keeps getting corrupted. Now, without wasting the time move ahead to know the proper solutions to it.

What are the manual ways to fix access database errors?

There are few approaches to repair corrupt access database as mention below:

Method 1: De-compiling the Microsoft Access VBA code

When complying with VBA modules in Access, the complied code is highly dependent on the parser library of VBA P-code. There are few types of this library that can lead to corruption if the compiled code is running on different machines with different versions installed in this library.

So to recover access database you can try the below command line provided by Microsoft. If you can gain access to your database, you can try the command line switch, but many error messages will appear during this VBA module/class code execution.

To run the Access decompile option, simply open access with the “/decompile” command-line option, for example, run the command line as follows:

C: Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeMsAccess.exe /decompile

C: DatabasePathFileName.mdb

Notice: If you have installed it at different locations, you need to change the path shown above for MsAccess.exe. After the de-compile process has been completed, you can close the connection and then re-open all modules.

Method 2: Use a Valid Backup

If you have this Access database updated, valid and properly backed up, you can use that specific backup to restore all the lost data. So, always try to keep your Access Database properly backed up.

Method 3: By importing Corrupt Database

Import corrupted Access Database into a new Access Database by following these steps to solve access database errors:

  1. Initially, open MS Access >> make a new database file.
  2. Under the External Data tab, click on Access to import Access database.
  3. Next,hit on Browse and locate the database file.
  4. Define the place and techniques for storing data in a new database and then hit OK.
  5. Choose for all database items that you want to import and hit on the Ok option.

Method 4: Use inbuilt MS Access “Compact and Repair Database” Utility

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a backup, you can use the “Compact and Repair Database” (inbuilt MS Access tool) to recover access database. Follow the steps below for restoring server files:

  1. First, open Microsoft Access. Hit on Tools >> choose ‘Compact and Repair Database’.
  2. Choose ‘Database to Compact From’ option >> select ‘Compact’.
  3. After clicking on Compact, the repair process will start.
  4. Wait until the process gets completed. Then hit on the ‘Save’ button.

These all are the simplest ways to solve all the errors related to the access database. But these manual solutions may become a very lengthy process. So, to avoid this you can try Access Database Recovery utility. This tool repair all the corruption issues related to Access Database quickly without any data loss.

Final Verdict

We have clearly mentioned MS Database with its reasons for corruption issues. Then we have given all manual ways to solve access database errors. As manual methods taking a lot of time for its execution, we have given another direct solution also.

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