Have you thought about the amount of energy you consume on a daily basis, and the outrageous amount you get to pay when the energy company sends you the bill? Many people find themselves in situations where they have to pay more for energy consumption, especially when the company happens to be one of the Big Six energy firms. Most households in this quagmire wish to switch providers. However, they are unfamiliar with the process, as many assume it to be complicated and wearisome. Contrary to this opinion, switching providers is as easy as changing a new pair of shoes. To top it all, you do not need to pay a penny to change your energy supplier (except if you are on a fixed plan).

What Are The Big Six Companies?

In the UK, there are six major energy providers that have stuck around for a very long time. They are the main distributors of electricity and gas. However, there has been complaints from many households over the years about these companies unfairly manipulating tariffs, thereby forcing homeowners to pay more for energy consumption. These companies are EDF Energy, Npower, British Gas, SSE, ScottishPower and E.ON UK. If you have not changed your supplier in a long time, chances are you are being low-balled by your current energy provider, as there are companies that offer competitive tariffs.

How Can I Switch Energy Suppliers?

If you are in quest of a new energy supplier, then this section provides steps to go about it. To begin with, you need to get in touch with an online energy consultant that will help you compare energy, an example being USave. Having found one, you would be required to provide information on your postcode, current energy provider, current tariff, and energy consumption rate – how much energy you use. Once these details are provided, the energy consultant will provide you with a list of energy suppliers and their tariffs. Run through this list and compare suppliers to get the best deal.

Remember that your energy consumption rate and tariff determines if you will get a good deal or not. So, put that into consideration when checking out several energy suppliers. Once you’ve agreed on the supplier, the consultant will need a period of 21 days to make the switch. During this period, you don’t have to do anything – not even contact your current energy provider. Your present provider will be notified about the switch. Also, the new provider will give you a period of 14 days to make up your mind, before completing the process.

What Happens To My Energy Supply During This Period?

Most people get worried about their energy supply being disrupted during a switch in suppliers. However, you don’t have to worry as your access to gas and electricity will not be affected during this period. As a matter of fact, the only thing you will notice is the final bill from your current provider and a change in name – thanks to Ofgem, the regulatory body of energy markets in the UK. You can enjoy better tariffs and save more money.

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