7 Essential stroller accessories for first time parents

Parents often receive a ton of gadgets to take care of their newborn, half of which they don’t need. But what items truly make it easier to juggle a baby with everything else you’re doing? Here are 7 essential baby accessories for first time parents.

stroller accessories

01. stroller bags

Stroller bags make it much easier to take your stroller on buses and aircraft. You can store the stroller in the bag, and it becomes checked baggage. This makes it much easier to stow the stroller in an overhead compartment, and you don’t have to hope the stewardess will let you store it up front. You have control over it, it is protected as it gets handled, and you can take your normal, fully outfitted stroller instead of a smaller minimal one.

02. stroller fan

Stroller fans are one of the most versatile baby accessories. It can improve airflow inside a stroller cover or keep a child cool on a hot day. You can take clip-on stroller fans inside and set them up in your car or office. Now you have a child-friendly, eco-friendly way to keep everyone cool. Parents tab published a long buying guide article. I recommend you to visit there for more.

03. rain shield

Rain shields are designed to keep your child dry, whether you’re walking through the rain or snow. You don’t have to dress them up in rain gear and dry out the stroller after your walk. You don’t have to figure out how to hold an umbrella over you and your child. The best rain shields are lightweight, flexible, and fold up compactly when not in use. Then you can store it in the stroller storage compartment while having room for other items.

04. sun shields

Sun shields are used to provide shade. This is a great way to keep your child from getting sunburned. The best sun shields will reflect the heat away, while the worst designs actually make the stroller stifling hot. Do your research before you buy one. You can reduce the risk of the stroller becoming too hot and humid by supplementing with a stroller fan.

05. toys

Every baby needs toys. If you don’t provide child-safe toys, they’ll play with everything else around them. The best stroller toys clip onto the stroller so that they can’t be lost or intentionally dropped. They’ll also be easily sterilized while having enough elements to keep a young child occupied.

06. organizer bag

An organizer bag may replace your need for a diaper bag on short walks. In other cases, it lets you keep essentials like a filled bottle, a few wipes and pacifier in easy reach while the diaper bag is stowed under the stroller.

07. cup holder

A cup holder could help you or your child, depending on your intent. For example, a cup holder is a good place to store a sippy cup full of juice or a pre-made bottle. Or it can hold the drink you just bought. You don’t have to put it down on the ground as you take care of your child, and you certainly don’t have to try to hold the drink while holding your child.


The best stroller accessories make parenting that much easier while improving your child’s health and safety. Everything else is secondary.

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