Essential Things For You And Your Family During The Pandemic

Pandemic: With over two million cases worldwide and almost three-quarters of a million cases in the United States, the cause for concern is certainly warranted.

Millions of Americans are concerned about the coronavirus
pandemic. With over two million cases worldwide and almost three-quarters of a
million cases in the United States, the cause for concern is certainly
warranted. Understanding what you can do to protect yourself is essential.

Understanding COVID-19

While many people understand the COVID-19 pandemic is a virus, few
may be familiar with the fact that the common cold is also a coronavirus. The
difference is this virus is significantly more dangerous than the common cold
or the flu.

However, it should be noted that the COVID-19 virus does share
some of the same symptoms as a severe cold, stomach bug or flu and therefore
can make people a bit nervous about whether or not they have it.

Home Tests For COVID-19

Testing for COVID-19 is available. However, some people have been
unable to be tested for the virus even though they show all the symptoms. This
can be unnerving and can lead people to be fearful about what to do next. Since
most people do not want to go to a healthcare facility unless necessary because
of the risk of catching the virus, it is vital for people who are showing
symptoms to be able to get tested.

There is a wide variety of tests available, with some having rapid
results and others taking longer. Additionally, some of the tests for COVID-19
are simpler tests with less discomfort than others but may be difficult to
access. The good news is an
at home coronavirus test will be available soon.

There are a few essential items that all people should have at
home to protect themselves and their families against the virus.

The Top Five Things People Need During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Hand Sanitizer And Disinfectant Sprays-

These are some of the most essential tools in the battle to
protect against the deadly virus. Keeping your hands, car, and home doors,
shoes, grocery wrappings, and mail sanitized is essential. Supplies for
cleaning your home should be available to use on a regular basis
and deep cleaning should be done several times a week.

Face Masks

In many places, face masks or face coverings are required for
people to have on. They can protect you from breathing in hazardous particles.


For people who contract COVID-19, a fever is one of the biggest
symptoms. It is essential to be able to control a fever, and
taking acetaminophen is widely known to be one of the best ways to
help the body do this.

COVID-19 Test Access

Knowing all of the local locations for testing or having an
at-home test kit is the best way to ensure you can get a test completed when
and if you need one. This also can rule out COVID-19 in the event you have
contracted the flu or have some other type of viral infection.

Digital Thermometer

Many things can cause a low-grade fever. However, once a fever
starts to spike over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it is important to continuously
monitor and treat the fever to ensure your body temperature does not spike too

Other Health Basics

Another way to help you and your family is to boost your immunity.
Taking vitamin C and zinc supplements can be beneficial for this as well as
getting enough rest, getting regular exercise, and eating plenty of healthy
foods, including fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables.

Also, be sure to keep a watch on local and national news to better
understand any important changes and breakthroughs occurring on the COVID-19
pandemic. Several new medicinal treatments are emerging for the virus, such as
Ivermectin. Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine that may be beneficial.

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