Essential Tips for WordPress Beginners to Make their Website a Success

wordpress tutorial for beginners

Are you just getting started with a WordPress website? It is time to work towards the kind of results you want. Use the best WordPress best practices to ensure success for your site is a success. Here are some tips for WordPress beginners to look out for:

Don’t be Afraid of Sidebar

Although WordPress sidebars may look like your closet, it isn’t one. So don’t be afraid of it. It is overloaded with ads, social media icons, and links to recent tweets, Facebook fan pictures, and a lot more. You might find it very difficult to find the crucial info or link that you wish to direct to your visitors or want them to click on. Don’t worry. Simply cut down your sidebar to utter essentials.

Now go into Appearance & Widgets. Remove all things from here except the widgets that is important for your business. In case, a widget fails to add people to your list, simply hire a professional web developer to take an action.

Make Images Work for You

Images are important part of any website. These add beauty and increase visitor’s attention to the pages. Adding images will also optimize pages for search engines. Uploading an image to website gives an opportunity to add a keyword in image title. You can also add alternate text fields.

Title tag for an image creates text will appear the moment someone hovers over that specific image. Alternate text tag is the text a visitor sees in place of your image. All you need to do is allow these to make some sense. For instance, if it is about a mobile phone and you’ve used an image of a smartphone, avoid calling it simply a mobile phone. Call it “Best smart phone for modern users,” or some text that exactly describes what visitors will find in your content. Also make sure the alternate tag accurately describes the image you show. Avoid stuffing the site with random keywords.

Get Response with a Landing Page

Looking forward to get your website visitors to take action? Make sure you remove all distractions. You must make your visitors pay attention to your landing page. Most premium WordPress themes such as Prose come equipped with a landing page template. It will create a page without navigation menu. It has a lot of white space.

This will direct visitor’s attention on the kind of action you wish them to take. It increases your chances to fill in the form you wish to, follow your shared link or click the ‘much desired’ Add to Cart button. Premise will also help in copywriting advice. It will also offer an extensive library of images to make the page effective.

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Premise is the best option for creating versatile landing pages. You can keep full control over style. The best part is that you don’t need to know about coding.

Lowly Footer is Important

This area is right at the bottom of a WordPress website and a forgotten one in most cases. The place is just right for adding a copyright message. You can add a link to an important page or some crucial information about owner of your website.

A lot of premium themes will allow expanding footer into a full-size content section with ample space to include the following and a lot more:

– A short bio

– An opt-in to email list

– Links to popular pages / posts

Usually visitors scroll down to the footer. They want to know see who’s behind a site. Make sure you provide them with the info they are looking for.

You can start with the right foot. Focus on building a long-lasting association with your WordPress website using the techniques mentioned above.

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