Ethics Policy

ComfortSkillz strives to give information that is both truthful and makes sense.
When reporting on a topic, we strive to tell the whole story in an unbiased and honest way.


ComfortSkillz strives to provide balanced and factual coverage of the sports industry. A piece of writing’s credibility and trustworthiness can be guaranteed by a thorough review of all of its sources and facts before it is released to the public. Additionally, papers undergo quality assurance reviews at different touchpoints by multiple personnel.

Although we work hard to ensure that all information is correct and up-to-date, there may be instances where this is not the case. There are times when a person’s poor judgment leads them to make crucial mistakes in judgment that they did not set out to make. ComfortSkillz has the right to publish a note of clarification, retraction, or correction in such cases.


All employees are expected to uphold ComfortSkillz’s commitment to a fair-play culture in the workplace. The integrity of our reporting relies on the trustworthiness of our sources, which we strive to establish by being forthright about their goals. It’s important to strike a balance while discussing complex matters.

A dishonest ledger would leave out key information. Similarly unfair is information that has nothing to do with the facts. If a story purposefully or accidentally gives the wrong impression to its readers, it is unfair. A balanced report must include all important information and be written objectively.

The report cannot be regarded as fair if the people or places being described in the narrative are not allowed to rebut the statements or assertions made about them. Individuals should be given ample time to reply to recent events, ongoing developments, and most importantly, the statements made about them.


The ability to win the trust of people depends on your sincerity. The staff of ComfortSkillz has told us that they will take all necessary precautions to prevent conflicts of interest. Nobody who provides us with news ever presents us with any kind of incentive, whether monetary or otherwise.

To add, we do not take funding from governments, government-funded agencies, government officials, political parties, or parliamentarians who take positions on controversial issues. Reporters and editors are not allowed to profit financially or otherwise from the organizations they investigate.

Furthermore, all content published on ComfortSkillz must have an appropriate citation. If the editor doesn’t give the okay, you can’t quote an anonymous source. In these cases, reporters and editors should be able to express the source’s accessibility and credibility.