The Top Six Exercise Ideas for Kids with ADHD

Exercise Ideas for Kids

Nowadays, many kids up to age 7 have been diagnosed with some symptoms of ADHD. If staying restless, focused on one activity and careful is utterly impossible for your child, then they might fall within this category. Luckily, the symptoms that trigger that behavior, may as well aid those children to succumb to numerous problems. To steam off and release that excess energy, kids with ADHD need to be in constant motion, do some active workout, and simply be on their feet. What is more, combining exercise can help your child significantly reduce the symptoms of ADHD and even improve their attention span, sharpen their focus and boost social skills. Read on to find out how.


The sheer fact that swimming exudes the movement of all body muscles makes it a perfect exercise for kids with ADHD. Besides innumerable other health benefits of swimming, if you enroll your child into regular swimming classes they will learn how to foster focus and obedience, burn off excess energy and gain mental and physical strength. As they are given clear instructions from the swimming coach, they learn how to keep their hyperactivity in order as well.

Indoor aerobic exercise

When inside, kids with ADHD can get easily drained, bored and if they don’t have the chance to release their restless energy it may lead to some serious issues. Get the most out of moving around when you are at home, create a home workout plan which you can find at runnerclick, get some equipment like mats, jump ropes, yoga balls, and get moving. Basic aerobic exercises have a productive physical and mental effect that helps children with ADHD raise their heart rate and keeps blood flowing to the brain helping their attention span in order. Opt for aerobic activities that boost coordination, accuracy, and focus. Do various jumping exercises with yoga ball, or try some classical aerobic workout games like Hopscotch or Lava floor.

Martial Arts

Children with ADHD benefit the most of movement exercise since the brain releases neurotransmitters that stimulate the child to get more focused, be less impulsive, and improve their concentration. The activity that comprises all of those things is martial arts. Complex and mentally engaging sports like judo, karate, jiu jitsu, and taekwondo stimulate the mind and body, encourage mental stability, physical development, improve balance and fine motor skills. Martial arts combine a different set of workouts in combination with diverse demanding moves that is fun and lucrative for children to acquire.


Spending as much time as possible outdoors in nature, breathing in the fresh air and be surrounded with lush greeneries is extremely productive for kids with ADHD. What is more, being outside enhances kids’ mood, calms them down, and triggers positive thinking. The best outdoor activity that combines all of that, plus gives them the necessary exercise is bike riding. Only 60 minutes of moderate cycling improves impulse control, boosts focus and allows them to burn off extra steam. Cycling in nature creates a sense of well-being and opens up a new level of concentration and perception.


Cold weather can impede you from doing some effective exercise outside, and kids with ADHD can get easily bored and nervous if they have left locked inside four walls for too long. Luckily, any form of movement is utterly advantageous, such as dancing. Dancing is a superb activity for kids needing to burn off extra energy. Get some energetic tunes, include songs that speed up the tempo and encourage them to invent new moves to help their little wandering minds get the exercise it needs.


Any form of exercise can aid kids with ADHD, but probably one of the easiest and most energy-efficient is running. Running lets them improve executive function, expand energy, build up muscle strength and brain concentration. The best thing about running is that you don’t need much preparation, time or rules. Make it an ongoing habit to go running or jogging either before school or after school activities. An after-school running exercise of merely 30 minutes will let your hyperactive child release excess energy, improve working memory and help them re-energize positively.

Keep your active child engaged in physical activities at all times and you will help your child achieve an optimum body and brain function. Exercises are lucrative and fun for children no matter the reason for doing them.

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