Exercises To Reduce Banana Roll Fat

Banana rolls fat

Pockets of fat naturally develop over time, even if it is a healthy weight. Certain areas of the body may sag in places that are hard to diet away. “Love handles” is just one problem area that gains attention in society. “Banana rolls” are another.

What Is A Banana Roll?

The term is less than appealing. Banana rolls refer to a section of fat that can form directly under the buttocks or at the top of the thighs. Because of the distinct location of this fat pocket, dieting can prove difficult when trying to firm this section of the body.

Banana rolls can be caused by genetics, lifestyle or age. Women are much more likely to experience unwanted fat around the buttocks and upper thighs than men. Hormones generally cause fat to increase around the pelvis and thighs. Because women burn fat at a different pace than men, toning and weight-shifting can be extremely difficult when only dieting.

How Do I Get Rid of It?

Certain areas of the body can be more difficult than others when it comes to losing weight. The fact is, most people lose weight at different rates and from different parts of the body. By restricting calories, one person could initially lose weight in their face while another person could first lose weight in their hips. Depending on genetics, vitamins, lifestyle and other dieting factors, where we lose weight can greatly vary.

Exercise is often more efficient than dieting when one part of the body needs toning or reshaping. This can be particularly true for women. Men and women often store fat in different ways and in different areas of the body. Since this has been true since the hunger/gatherer days, it is a natural occurrence that continues to shape our society. The hips, breasts, legs and buttocks are common areas for women to store more fat than men. By using specific exercises to target the roll of fat just below the buttocks, skin can become firmer and smoother.

3 At-Home Exercises To Get Rid of Banana Roll Fat

Chair Pose. This is an excellent exercise that does not require any equipment. First, press your back against a wall and then move your feet hip-distance apart. With arms crossed, gently lift them away from the body while sliding your back downward. Once knees are at a 90-degree angle, hold yourself in this pose for approximately thirty seconds.

Side Stepping. This is another easy exercise to do without having to venture to the gym. First, stand between two platforms that are of the same height. You can use a small bench or even several towels stacked on top of one another. One at a time, step onto each platform sideways. Make sure to return to the middle space between each platform before side-stepping again. The up and down motion will help strengthen and firm the upper thighs just below the buttocks.

Squatting Weights.Stand with your feet wider than the distance of your shoulders. Holding a dumbbell or fully-filled water bottle, push your knees outward and lower your body into a squat position. When you squeeze your buttocks to stand up, lift the water bottle or dumbbell over your head and toward the right. When repeating the exercise, lift the water bottle or weight to the left. This will twist the body in such a way that it should feel gentle yet toning.


You do not necessarily need to join a gym to get rid of fat underneath the buttocks. By using weights and a little bit of creativity, you can easily provide the right exercise regimen to eliminate banana roll fat. Regardless of age, genetic disposition or lifestyle, exercise is always beneficial for physical and emotional health.

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