Top 16 Best Sites Like F2Movies to Watch Movies Online

About F2Movies:, formerly known as,,, and is one of the best websites where you can watch thousands of free movies and TV shows online. You can search thousands of TV shows, movies, and documentaries for free on the F2Movies platform. It also has a list of a lot of TV shows. Overall, F2Movies is the best place to go to watch or download your favorite movies for free.

F2Movies doesn’t store the movie files on its own server; instead, it gets the content from unrelated third parties. Additionally, it’s an entertainment website that doesn’t just focus on Hollywood offerings but also has a wide range of films from other parts of show business, including Asian, French, Indian, Hong Kong, and more.

Authorities shut down this well-known movie streaming company in few years back after a criminal probe. While other clones of the F2Movies new site arose on the internet, none of them were able to garner a significant amount of popularity.

What Is F2Movies?

F2movies is a website that offers free online streaming of movies and TV shows. It has a large selection of titles, including many popular and well-known movies and TV shows. The site is easy to use and provides a great way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free.

On the YesMovies website, the movies are divided into genres like action, adventure, animation, horror, history, fantasy, romance, science fiction, mystery, crime, and many more.

There are also a lot of TV shows and Asian dramas on F2movies. Overall, is a great website to use to watch movies. And why wouldn’t it be the best movie website if it has everything you need to know about every movie? If you can’t find the movie you need, you can ask F2 movies for it, and it will be uploaded soon.

F2Movies Genres

F2Movies genres

F2Movies Countries

Here is a list of regions that can use F2Movies website without a VPN.

F2Movies Region

If you’re looking for a website that’s comparable to F2 Movies to, these F2Movies alternatives could be able to help you watch free HD movies and TV shows online.

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Sites Like F2Movies

Best Alternatives to F2Movies: Sites like F2Movies that You Can Use to Watch Movies

In the event that,,, and is unavailable, or the website is otherwise unavailable, here is a list of 16 alternative sites. The reason we provided a list of these websites like f2movies is to provide you with a wide range of choices from which to make an informed decision. Check also Best PinoyFlix Alternatives


Crackle is the first and legal F2Movies alternative on the list. Sony owns and operates this renowned movie streaming service.

On Crackle, you’ll find a large selection of movies and TV shows, as well as some unique titles. Crackle provides good video quality and consistent streaming speeds.

Crackle makes it simple to find and explore content. Furthermore, parameters such as category, alphabetical order, entire episodes, recently added, trailers, and clips aid in content discovery accuracy.

Crackle site like, is absolutely free to access, albeit some users may be annoyed by odd advertising.


Popcornflix is the next most popular movie streaming service for viewing a large selection of films. This highly-rated website offers a simple user interface, and filters make it easier to search and explore various content categories.

Popcornflix features native apps for Android and iOS. As a result, you can start viewing a movie on your computer and finish it on your smartphone.

Popcornflix also features a section dedicated to television shows. Popcornflix is owned and maintained by Screen Media Ventures, therefore streaming content on the site is fully legal.

Popcornflix is one of the few sites on this list that is fully legal for streaming movies and series online.


OpenCulture is the next entirely legal website like F2Movies where you may watch free movies. This F2Movies alternative has a huge movie library with over 1,150 titles.

Furthermore, these films are divided into a variety of genres, including Great Classics, Independent Films, Noir, Westerns, and many others.

OpenCulture Movies on OpenCulture are absolutely free to watch and are divided into a variety of categories. Furthermore, OpenCulture’s user interface is straightforward and simple to use.

The collection of 1,150 films may appear little, yet it would last more than three years if you watched one film per day. You’ll love Openculture because of its excellent video quality and consistent streaming speeds.


Movies Found Online has a wide range of genres to choose from, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find something to like. This legal service, like F2Movies, features a large choice of free movies to view.

In addition, Movies Found Online offers a section dedicated to viral videos, which is similar to YouTube’s trending area. Furthermore, this website indicates the number of views and likes received by a certain film.

On the negative side, it’s tough to find the most recent films on Movies Found Online, and random commercials may irritate certain users.


Hulu is another popular streaming site where you may watch free movies. Hulu, on the other hand, has millions of customers who like to watch movies online. In addition, Hulu has a good selection of free movies to watch.

Hulu’s main selling point is its massive library of well-organized movies and TV shows. You can use Hulu to its full capacity with exclusive originals by subscribing to one of Hulu’s monthly membership options.

In comparison to the other websites on the list, Hulu’s streaming speeds and video quality are remarkable.


Vumoo is a great alternative to F2Movies. Vumoo allows you to watch movies and TV episodes online. Vumoo allows you to watch and download movies for free.

Vumoo has a large range of Hollywood movies and TV series from a variety of genres, including animation, comedy, documentaries, drama, and much more.

This option also contains a good selection of old TV shows that were originally broadcast on television. Vumoo is a great alternative to F2Movies because of its visually appealing video quality and quick streaming rates.


Tubi is the next outstanding website on the list, and it is close to perfect. Tubi has a large selection of movies and TV shows to choose from.

Surprisingly, there is no need to create an account in order to access Tubi content. Tubi is a popular streaming service that is available on Roku, Android, iOS, AppleTV, and other popular devices.

Tubi can also make customized recommendations depending on your preferences and activities. There is a large and well-organized library of movies and TV shows available.

The user interface is straightforward and clear, making finding and exploring material a snap. Tubi’s native Android and iOS applications are also available. Finally, Tubi allows users to create playlists, such as favorites, that they may watch later.


Another popular website for streaming free movies and TV series online is Yidio. This streaming service has exploded in popularity in recent years as the best tool for discovering new movies.

Yidio’s content is well-organized into several parts, which are further classified into different categories.

Yidio, on the other hand, allows viewers to discover new TV programs and series. Yidio provides thumbnails and information from IMDb for these shows before redirecting users to third-party services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and iTunes. In addition, there is a section dedicated to free listings. In terms of drawbacks, these Yidio-free listings aren’t the highest quality or most accurate.


Snagfilms has a good selection of movies and TV shows from various genres such as sports, history, military, pride, wildlife, kids, family, and more.

SnagFilms has a well-designed user interface that is both attractive and easy to use. In addition, SnagFilms features a large selection of exclusive titles. The advertising on SnagFilms may irritate some users, but they are not a major issue.


Zmovies is a service that lets you watch movies and TV series for free online. Among its various offerings are some of the most popular and hard-to-find books on the market. Fmovies is a terrific choice for movie buffs because it is routinely updated with the latest releases.

Yes Movies

Yesmovies is another streaming website like where users can watch movies and television shows for free. It has a library of over 10,000 titles, including both new releases and classics.

5 Paid Legal Alternatives to F2Movies

Here are some subscription-based legal alternatives to

  1. Netflix

  2. Amazon Prime

  3. Disney

  4. BoxTV

  5. Hulu

You can also utilize Roku, Youtube Movies, and Apple TV Plus.

Find more sites in our list of BatFlix alternatives.

FAQs About F2Movies

Is F2Movies com gone?

The original F2Movies com was shut down by Vietnamese authorities about few years ago.

Which F2Movies site is right?

Since the closure of, other clone sites have sprung up online.

New F2Movies website?

People who are unable to use F2Movies site can use new clone websites like F2Movies to, f2movies vc, and F2Movie app.

Is F2Movies legal?

NO, sharing movies without the authorization of copyright holders is prohibited.

What are the best F2Movies Alternatives?

Some of the best F2Movies alternatives include unauthorized sites such as 247Movie, AZMovies, 5movies, Fboxtv, Batflix, and others mentioned in this article.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for F2Movies alternatives, these are the best sites like F2Movies to watch free HD movies and TV shows online without signing up.

Kindly be informed that the majority of these F2Movies alternative websites are full of pop-up ads.

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