Fashionable Pool Fences That Protect Your Pool

If you have an in-ground pool or rent a property with a pool then you must provide a fence around the pool. The purpose of this is to prevent anyone from going into it without authorization, particularly children.

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Every state has slightly different rules depending on the type of pool but the aim is the same, to prevent children from drowning.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of fencing options to choose from, it is possible to get a fashionable pool fence that complies with all the current legislation.

Glass Fencing

Getting glass pool fencing is easy and potentially the best option. Glass gives complete security to the pool but doesn’t disrupt the view of the pool. This is important if people are in the pool and parents want to watch them from outside the fenced area. 

It also ensures the view past the pool is uninterrupted, this could be important if you have a great view from your yard.

Glass comes in a wide variety of options, you can opt for plain panels, or you may prefer to choose frosted, or even etched panels. They are all strong and secure while allowing you to place your own stamp on the fence and how your pool area should look.

It should be noted that glass fencing needs virtually no maintenance. 

Metal Fencing

This is generally a more severe and business-like look. However, if you’re not worried about the onward view it can be a cheaper option and certainly reminds people that the fence is there.

This can be a good option if you often rent the property and want the fence to be highly visible. It’s also very effective in areas that have crocodiles or alligators, they can’t easily get through the metal.

Metal fencing can also be created in a wide variety of styles, from a traditional mesh to a more attractive picket style. The color of the fence can be chosen by you and is sure to complement your garden.

Wooden Fences

In general, this is the weakest option although also is likely to be the cheapest option. It will need the most maintenance as wood and water don’t generally mix well together. It also needs to be built carefully to ensure people cannot climb over it and that it is strong enough to withstand children pushing against it. 

In general, the wooden fence is the best option for a family with older children that you would trust to be in the pool by themselves. It’s designed more to comply with regulations than to provide the same level of security that a glass or metal fence would.

There are other fencing options available and you can use your imagination regarding what materials to use. But, there is little doubt that glass is the option that gives you the best looks while meeting all relevant safety standards. 

Take a few moments to look at pictures and visit friend’s pools before deciding which type of fencing you should put around your own.

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