5 Features Every Onboarding Software Needs.

From the IT sector to the banking sector, today every organization needs a smooth employee onboarding process. Employee onboarding software not only helps you standardize the onboarding process but also eliminates manual errors and miscommunication and eases the documentation stress. Your new hires will depend on a few technology gadgets, programs, and tools to properly finish their work when you bring them on board. To make sure that the necessary equipment is installed correctly and new workers are adequately trained on the tools they’ll be using, IT onboarding develops a standardized training program.

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All employee onboarding software may initially appear to be quite similar. To finish the onboarding process, every software collects private employee information, securely stores it, and then routes it through a review procedure. What distinguishes them is the abundance of functionality that an onboarding program uses to accomplish its goals. Here are the top 5 features every employee onboarding software must have to make the process smooth and easy:

1. Simple Interface

One of the most important features of onboarding software is its user-friendly interface. It is essential to choose a software program for onboarding that is less complex, simple to use, and customizable in a way that is in line with your organization’s regulations. Your new hires may become frustrated by software systems with difficult user interfaces, which may deter them from seeking assistance.

2. Process Automation

Modern employees have grown up with technology, thus they have high standards for the onboarding process. Making your new hires sign paperwork all over the office will just decrease their expectations and exhaust them. Because participants in the process come from various departments, and efficient employee onboarding software should make use of automation to bridge the gap between people and processes. By automating the onboarding procedure, HR executives can track the process across departments and keep an eye on it.

Automated workflows remove time-consuming manual steps, move applications to the following person in the workflow automatically, send reminders to stakeholders to keep them on task, and guarantee that each step is completed precisely and consistently.

3. Registration records

Another essential feature an onboarding software should entail is providing registration records. This is to give you a clear picture of the number of candidates who have been onboarded, who have not yet been onboarded, and who are now undergoing onboarding. A reliable onboarding software should have the essential reporting features so that you can better and more clearly organize the onboarding activities with this assistance.

4. Onboarding processes

Workflows for onboarding are essential for automating repetitive processes and ensuring that the process runs smoothly. You can send emails and reminders, information about your company, such as forms, regulations, and papers, as well as training courses that your new hires must complete, using onboarding workflows. Not only that, the onboarding software must have a paperless process to make it simple for you and your new hires. the onboarding software you select must offer a document management system and an e-sign capability.

5. Gamification

Onboarding still consists of nothing more than an automatic checklist, notwithstanding technological advancements. If some steps are gamified, the onboarding process will become more interactive. Gamification aims to increase onboarding process engagement through the use of technology. Gamification is thus a crucial component of onboarding software.

A boring onboarding process can be made more engaging by using gamification elements like quests and leveling up. By establishing a set of achievable goals that new hires must complete in order to proceed, you can turn the onboarding process into a quest. Allowing children to take part in a fun activity like a treasure hunt while you carefully evaluate their development is preferable to forcing them to watch an hour-long training DVD.


Today it is important to choose the correct onboarding software as it helps improve accuracy, decision-making, operational efficiency, reduce expenses, and onboarding ROI even though it may seem like a crazy investment.

However it is important to make sure that your onboarding software has the basic features as if a system lacks even one of the aforementioned capabilities, it will struggle to effectively onboard new employees. Organizations must consider the worth and power of employee onboarding software to ensure a solid return on investment in order to avoid such a predicament in the future.

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